Poll 29: What kind of sound-sets do you play with?

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How do you feel about custom/skin hitsounds?

I prefer the default sound-set (Leaving map-specific hit-souding alone)
I use the default sound-set overriding custom map hit-sounds.
I like to override all hit-sounds with custom ones, including map-specific ones.
I leave map-specific hit-sounding alone, but I override the default with custom ones.
I play without hit-sounds.
Total votes: 447
Polling ended
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Many more experienced players may choose to override hit-sounding in order to achieve a more accurate feedback to how they're timing. However, this may at some point or another veer away from the way certain samples may have intended to sound in the way a map is designed.

This will vary greatly between game-modes, but we want to know how you guys feel about the default sound-set for the game. Let us know specifically how you modify your aural playing experience in the thread! Once again, the results of this poll will be featured in the last weekly of the month.
Default soundset all the way homies
Override everything unless: 1. The map is keysounded, 2. It uses some kind of hitsound too frequently (i.e. hitfinish) and it sounds awful with my own hitsounds, 3. I just want to listen to the map's hitsounds for testing purposes.
Hitsound volume at 0, I just want to listen to the songs.
sample hitsound, it helps you do keysound and fast hitsound
Ideally, I would like to be able to always override normal-hitnormal, soft-hitnormal, and drum-hitnormal and not have to override map specific custom hitsounds with the defaults.

I could set my skin to only have those aforementioned hitsounds, but it breaks when I play a map that uses custom hitnormals.
Ciyus Miapah
enjoy the map and the song itself, my HS volume almost below 20% almost no Hitsounds there.
well no Hitsounds is best Options for me.

but when i map something i always put default hitsound or maybe put custom hitsound on it

well at overall Default hitsounds is not bad at all
Wow surprising that actually 50% of the players who have voted so far overrides the default HS but keep the map-specific ones. Not that I am not one of them though, just rather astonished.
picked the most popular option. i hate the default sounds but i give map specific hitsounds a chance
mostly playing on 0% hitsound volume unless i want to play with defaults / custom hitsounds in the map

only custom whistles, i like the older version more than the newer one
I can play with any sound sets but I prefer to hitsound notes with default sets while mapping.
I always play the first playthrough with the map's hitsounds, and if they're too quiet without clear percussion in the song, I'll override with my customs to stay accurate. (I have effect volume on 100%)
Hitsounds give me a better feeling for hitting objects right to the music/rythm. Also I mostlikely enjoy the effort mappers put into hitsounding.
who the fuck is care to hitsound btw

i prefer default one. but for "hit" sound, i overrides them with mine
Sometimes the hitsounds of the map aren't suitable for the song, so i prefer the ones i'm used with my skin. xd
Hitsounding is a great part of mapping and if I would override them or the default ones I would destroy that part for me to enjoy \o/

Lust wrote:

Default soundset all the way homies

Okoratu wrote:

Lust wrote:

Default soundset all the way homies
I don't use mechanical keyboard, so the only way to get some sort of feedback - override all default/map hitsounds with loud and clear clicks. Without this i usually pass maps on 80-90% acc. instead of 98-100%.
I override all sounds with custom ones, fitting or not with the song. It's hard for me to get used to other hitsounds... so I just stay with one sampleset.
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