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Hi and welcome to Kagari's Anisong osu!catch Guest Difficulty Special Request~!

As stated in the thread topic, this is my very own special osu!catch Guest Difficulty queue where I will map almost any Japanese Anime songs specifically for rank purposes. This is some sort of a way for me to promote my osu!catch mapping skills while making top quality osu!catch maps for the community as a whole.

Be sure to read the General Rules first!

  1. osu!catch related only
  2. normal / hybrid mapsets are fine to me as long as you're willing to add a osu!catch GD map(s).
  3. I can only map at most two GDs in a mapset.
  4. I can map all difficulties except Cup. My preferred difficulties are Rain and Overdose.
    Rain > Overdose > Extra difficulty > Platter > Salad
  5. Link me the song to request. Refer to my preferred music list to get a gist of what type of music that I want to map.
  6. Request your desired difficulties for me to do.
  7. Maps that are going for rank status will have the highest priority. I don't want to waste my time mapping songs that aren't going for rank.
  8. I will reply to your respective maps' thread if I accepted the request.
    If I don't reply it means that I'm not interested in making any of the difficulty asked.
  9. Be patient. I will map it if I have the time and motivation to map. Usually it took me up to a week to finish it, so if you don't have the patience to wait for me to finish my GDs, please don't ask me again.
  10. I will notify you if there's any issue.

My preferred type of music and genre

  1. Moe. Cute squeaking kind of voice is the highest priority.
  2. Lively and happy kind of tone.
  3. Idol songs (could be Love Live, Idolm@ster, etc)
  4. Anime OP/ED/Insert songs (as long as it fits either one of my preferred type)
  5. Denpa music
  6. LiSA
  7. Nanahira
  8. REOL
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Looking for M4M? Click here!

Good luck and have fun~!
bumping this coz why the fuck not :v
forever alone
hmm.. not sure if it's opened, but I'll just post it xd
hey, can you make a ctb diff for this map ? :3


any diff would be fine ;)

I need GD for my map.
Platter or Rain, or you could do both.

Thank you!

Is this alive? lol

GD request: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/478670
- any dif
Thanks :)

Krowzin wrote:

Is this alive? lol
it's alive lul
bumping this (again) with added stuff in the first post
Can i req GD ?

Overdose :3 you can PM me or post in BM thread if you cant make it, or the BM is not mappable for Overdose maybe Rain its OK
is this dead?
paraoka feat. haru*nya - Rampage
Length: 3:30
rain or overdose

if overdose u can mke small cs?

PM me if reject ;););)
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