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The official thread to link to people who have never-ending questions!
*Feel free to ask any question in the thread

This post is pretty much for people who have questions about how mania works, feel free to Ctrl+F to quickly find the suitable FAQ
General FAQ
Q: My answer is not answered here!

A: Look for a relevant topic in the osu!mania forum before asking in #osumania or the osu!mania forum (, you can use this too t/388537
Q: It’s a bug/glitch!

A: Highly consider posting on the Help forum (
Q: OMG HACKER!!1!!!1!

A: Consider not talking about him a nd just report his scores if you are very certain he is cheating, giving him/her attention is probably one of the least helpful thing you can do.
Q: This song will create a really nice beatmap!

A: Consider just asking a person directly, it kind of pushes the responsibility towards a specific person so it is more likely that you have the mapper map it. However in most cases mappers will tend to reject requests or just give up on it because not everyone’s musical tastes are equivalent.
Scroll Speed FAQ
Q: My Scroll speed is too fast/slow! I can't read anything

A: By default, you can adjust scroll speed in-game with F3/F4, if your buttons aren't working you should be able to re-bind your scroll speed in Options, search for "binding" and you should be able to click a button that gives you a series of shortcuts you can rebind
Q: My scroll speed is way too fast for a 200+BPM map!

Q: What is fixed scroll speed/BPM Scale?

A: If your scroll speed is way too variable or you just can't be arsed to find a suitable scroll speed for every single beatmap, I highly recommend using fixed scroll speed

Fixed Scroll Speed basically means you have a constant scroll speed despite what you play, this of course doesn’t nullify intended slowdowns/speed ups created by the creator himself but this should allow you to have a similar scroll speed for most osu!mania maps.

BPM Scale is another option if you dig pressing F3 and F4 a lot of times or… just feel like it… not going to judge. It basically scales your scroll speed with respect to the BPM of the song you are planning to play. In other words, the faster the song, the faster the scroll speed.

You can enable fixed scroll speed or BPM scale in Options, search the tag “scale” and it should be one of the options there labelled “Scale osu!mania scroll speed with BPM”, enable it for BPM scroll speed disable it for fixed scroll speed
Q: Holy shit this beatmap changes my scroll speed!

A: It is most likely intended by the creator himself, be it readable or not, you basically have to deal with it or contact the beatmapper himself, and no you can’t really remove it with some mod.

A: You can technically remove it by just going into editing the beatmap and removing all but one of the red lines/BPM timing points and all of the green lines/SV Changes, but that’s really desperate and slightly complicated if you haven’t mapped anything before, though I would explain what are these in the “Beatmapping FAQ”
Q: Why does my beatmap scroll speed go to 40 every time I spectate a person?

A: The answer is… I have no idea, go report it to Help (
Skinning FAQ
Q: Where do I get them sick skins?

A: 15
Q: I know of a player in which uses a really cool skin, how do I get it?

A: Ask the player directly or just ask on #osumania/this forum, someone will probably know
Q: What is skin.ini and how does it work?

A: skin.ini is located in your skin folder, in which can be opened by going into Options and searching "Open", you should know what to click at that point. The values in skin.ini can change the following:

- Mania stage x-axis (left and right)
- Combo y-axis (up and down)
- Hit position, where you should hit the note VISUALLY
- What kind of images osu!mania should use for notes/keys
- Colour of hitlighting
- FPS of hitlighting
- Thickness of column lines (those lines separating notes)
- many more...

Do check out this thread, it has in-depth explanation on how values in skin.ini affect gameplay: t/203554
Also this page will help too:
Playing FAQ
Q: How do I improve on this mode? I can’t seem to get better.

A: A horribly subjective question that I wouldn’t really directly answer in general, consider making a post on the osu!mania thread and state specifically what problems you have. “Help me I can’t improve” doesn’t give experienced players enough information to help you out, an apt answer to those kind of posts would be “play more”.
Q: How do I gain pp? I can’t get more pp…

A: Unless you SS-ed every single osu!mania map ever including autoconverts there are tons of other maps you can try out to grow your pp rice fields. Note that pp isn’t everything in this game, consider trying out pending/graveyard maps too, they extend the variety of maps you can play.
Q: Does combo affect score?

A: It affects it on a horribly small scale, would approximate that value to be less than 20,000 score. The thing about mania scoring (in horribly simple terms) is that there’s 2 calculations done on this.

1. You have the General score, pretty much responsible for your 980,000+ score value, basically you get more 300gs you get more score, simple
2. There is also another factor coming into place, in simple terms, if you get 200/100/50/miss the subsequent score value of the following few notes will decrease according how horrible the judgement you get, you can increase it with 300/300gs, of course there’s a top/bottom limit to these “boosts”.
3. Further/In-depth explanation here:!mania#score
Q: Why is my 99.5% score lower than my 99.0% score?

A: Read the paragraph above this, in this case, you may have just have a more spread out 200/100/50/miss judgements on the 99.5% run than that of the 99.0%. In this situation of the 99.5% run, you will have an overall decrease in score for most part of the map whilst in the 99.0% run you may have just done a really horrible choke on the end or in a short interval, so the “score decrement” doesn’t affect most notes. (!mania#score)
Q: Why does the first note of the map “jump” towards me despite what I play?

A: Most likely it’s due to your universal offset being not 0, try to do that, else you might just want to use Help (
Q: Which keyboard/switch is better?

A: Quite subjective, different people prefer different keyboards/switches, you can probably ask a top tier players on what switches or keyboards they dig but just take note that you don’t instantly become them once you use the keyboard/switch, same idea goes to using tablets in osu!standard. Make sure to do your research on the functionality of a specific setup, just because a player uses it and is quite good, doesn’t mean it is compatible for you and your setup.
Q: What does (insert term here) mean?

A: Just going to list the more general terms here, for terms that are uncommon, you can just try to ask in the osu!mania forum or the #osumania channel.

Green Line/SV Change: Basically a point where you can add in the map to change hitsounds/hitsound volume/Scroll speed

SV: Slider Velocity/Scroll Velocity, basically a scroll speed, in most cases referring to scroll speed changes

Red Line/BPM Line: A point where you set the BPM of your map.

BPM: Beats per minute, basically how many beats you have every minute

WIP: Work in progress

BN/BNG: Beatmap Nominator/Beatmap Nomination Group, people responsible for qualifying your maps (

QAT: Quality Assurance Team, people responsible for disqualifying your maps if your map has issues that raises concern

LN/Noodle: Long Notes/Yum, basically those notes that you hold down for a period of time

Rice: Nom, the other note that you just press down for as long as you want, pretty much singles, like me

UR: Unstable Rate, Quote from wiki: This value represents how consistently you time your hits, with lower numbers being better (top players often score below 100). Note that this measures consistency, and not accuracy, so if you're consistent in hitting 15ms early, you'll get similar results to if you're consistent in hitting on time. The formula is essentially the standard deviation of your hit errors (in milliseconds) multiplied by 10.

Special Style: Probably you’re referring to the 7+1K setup, this is pretty much derived from a setup from another game, basically you have 8 columns, one of which is used for “scratching” and is defined as the “scratch column” or special column. It is coined “scratch” due to how the other game uses this column for a disc. Google “Djdao” controllers and it should be clearer on what I mean

Stream: Pretty much a series of notes in a quick succession, vroom vroom.

Jump: Probably referring to the DDR term, else go for the dictionary. A jump is basically a 2 note chord, more appropriate in the context of 4K

Hand: Similarly, if you’re not referring to the DDR term, go for the dictionary. A hand is a 3 note chord, more appropriate for 4K similarly

Quad: If you’re guessing this is for 4 note chords, you are correct wow! Better to use it for a 4K context.

Jumpstreams: Basically a stream with some 2 note chords thrown into it.

Handstreams: What’s stated above but 3 note chords.

Quadstreams: What’s stated above but 4 note chords… yes that’s AiAe SHD

Dan Courses: Read: t/304735

Jacks: Pressing the same key more than 1 time in a quick succession

Rolls: 12 34 43 21 23 32 patterns

PP: Performance points, probably one of the most prominent thing you can find in someone else’s profile

Rank: You’re probably either referring to ranking a beatmap or the rank you are with respect to others, this is done by the calculation of pp.

Mod: Either referring to the in-game mod that affects your playing or asking someone to “mod” your map, in other words, give suggestions on it.

Mod4Mod/M4M: You “mod” that guy’s map, he “mods” your map… (hopefully)

Normal Mod: A one way version of this, you either receive the mod or you give the mod

GD: Guest difficulty, pretty much someone else or you yourself map a difficulty for some other mapset, please do take note that just because you mapped a map for someone else, doesn’t mean he’ll accept it.

Skin.ini: The file found in your skin folder, you can just search “open” in the Options to find how to open it. This file is very important in editing your skin preferences

Hidden/Fade In: The larger the combo you have the more it covers, the difference between these 2 is the direction

Flashlight: Basically you have only 1 small space to refer to when playing, it doesn’t change with respect to the combo

SR: Star Rating, basically a rough judgement on how hard a map is and it scales with how much pp you gain

OD: Overall Difficulty, the higher it is, the harder it is to get better judgements, excluding 300g, in which stays the same.

HP: Health Points, the higher it is, the easier it is to lose health and it is harder to gain

AR: Approach Rate… doesn’t affect anything in mania

CS: Circle Size, similarly, but makes less sense in mania
Q: Why does DT not give score/pp bonus unlike CTB/Taiko/Standard?

A:One rather minor reason would be that the "1 million score cap" rule would be broken. The main reason of DT not giving score bonus/pp bonus is that the calculated pp isn't quite yet finalized by devs, hence it is still on hold.
Q:What is Co-op mode and how do you play maps that are above 10 keys?

A: Co-op is basically... uh cooperative play with someone else, though you should take note that "Making multiple accounts or sharing accounts with other users will result in severe penalties.", mainly the idea is that you have double the playing area, with respect to the key-count you've chosen.

Take note that co-op mode for odd number of keys will have a keycount bias on the right hand, pretty much you'll be always getting less keycounts for the right hand, but that mainly only happens if you decide to just have a visual aid on a non-coop-specific beatmap.

Co-op generally requires a more dynamic hand movement instead of a fixed position like most players play currently. This means that you will have to get used to alternate hand movements to be able to play these key counts efficiently, jumping from keys to keys will take quite a while to get used to at the start, but it should feel more natural after time, just like how playing the piano works.
Q:Why is HR Unranked?

A: uhh I have no idea ha
Q: Why do I always get a horrible accuracy for a hold?

A: Probably because you didn’t start and release the hold at an accurate time
Q: Why are autoconverts bad?

A: Autoconverts aren’t 100% useless, they are good in providing automatically generated charts for you through converting a standard map for you to start off in mania but the main downside of this is that it doesn’t generate charts that test you in various kinds of patterning in the higher-end in terms of difficulty, in which other mania-specific maps will possess.
Q: I probably have developed (some kind of physical issues/mental issues) while playing osu!mania.

A: Consider the doctor first before asking the osu!mania community.
Q: Am I a good player?

A: Yea you are!

A: No, you are shit!
Q: Am I a bad player?

A: Yea you are!

A: No, you are unshit!
Q: Ugh, I can’t play this pattern, this looks impossible!

A: It probably is, but it’s most likely because you need more practice on that pattern. If you have a ton of trouble playing that specific pattern and just don’t know how to tackle it feel free to post on the osu!mania forum and people might throw in some tips for you to follow.
Beatmapping FAQ
Q: How do I start to map the track I want to use? How do I add the video? How do I add the Background?

A: Literally click and drag to osu!
Q: How do I change the map setup to osu!mania?

A: You can do that by pressing F4, in which brings up the Song Setup tab, go into Advanced and change your keymode to osu!mania
Q: How do I change the keycount in my map/HP/OD?

A: Similar to what you do above but it’s in the Difficulty tab
Q: How do I start to hitsound a map?

A: You can hitsound a map by just using the default hitsounds, either normal (which is the default hitsound if you just place a note), whistle, finish or clap. These hitsounds can be found on the top right hand corner. You can change the volume of the hitsounds by pressing F6, in which brings up the Timing and Control Points tab, this allows you to tamper with the settings for the timing points. The way that this works is that, the green/red line affects all of the notes after it and before the next green/red line, basically saving you the trouble from changing the settings for all of the notes individually.

Offset: Basically where you put the green/red line

BPM: If it’s a red line, it’ll display the beats per minute value, if it’s a green line, it will display the multiplier. The most common use of the green line is to change scroll speed during the map and this is where you can do it

Meter: Basically the Time Signature of the track you’re mapping

Sample: This is where you change what set of hitsounds you want, currently in osu!, you have 3 sets in which you can use by default. The soft(S), drum(D) and normal(N), these sets have different sounds for normal/whistle/finish/clap, so in total you have 12 default hitsounds in osu! itself

Vol.: Pretty much just the volume

Ki: Short for Kiai, it controls where you have the main course of the track, though in osu!mania you don’t really see flashing notes, you will pretty much only see the star fountain created when you start the kiai.

You can set a green line by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+P and a red line by CTRL+P
Q: I don’t like the hitsounds by default, I want to use my own!

A: This is not really a complicated process but it’s easier to view it step by step:

1. Choose your hitsounds and throw it into the song folder, you can find the song folder by going into the File dropdown menu on the top left and click “Open Song Folder”

2. Name them accordingly to what “default” hitsounds you want to replace. So if you want to change the default finish from the sample set soft, you will have to change the file name to soft-hitfinish, if you are replacing the normal hitsound from the normal sampleset, you have to change the file name to normal-hitnormal.

3. Now you will want to change the map’s configuration in order to tell it to use your hitsounds, you will need to go to the Timing and Control Points tab (F6) and go into the audio tab and change the Sampleset from “Default” to “Custom 1”, this makes the map search the song folder and finds the appropriate custom hitsound to replace.

4. You can also insert in even more hitsounds by pressing the 3rd button after “Default” and “Custom 1”, in this, you will have to specify what set you want to take from the song folder. If you set it to 4, the map will look for a hitsound file that ends with 4. For example, you will have to change your file to drum-hitfinish4 in order for the editor to recognise it and use it for that specific interval of the map

A: The other way:

1. Choose your hitsounds and throw it into the song folder, you can find the song folder by going into the File dropdown menu on the top left and click “Open Song Folder”

2. Hold Alt and click a note, this will bring up the Sampling tab. From this, you can click a sample from the left and set the hitsounds

3. Under “Basic” you have the “CustomSet” and “Volume”, you pretty much just want to change the “Volume”, not really sure what “CustomSet” does. Volume pretty much changes what you want to set the hitsound volume for the specific notes you have selected in the editor after you press apply

4. “Use basic sample” basically means that you are just going to set the volume of the note and not use any of the samples on the left. In other words, just changing the volume of a note only

5. “Play” just plays the sample, “Import” just imports hitsounds outside of the song folder, “Delete” removes the file from the song folder, “Apply” is just… applying what you’ve done to the note selected, “Reset” resets the note’s sample
Q: What is sampling?

A: Sampling is pretty much adding a hitsound to a specific spot so that you don’t have to add a note to hitsound that particular point, you can sample notes by:

1. Hold Alt and click a note. This brings up the Sampling tab.

2. Set the Volume and select the sample on the left to “sample”.

3. Press “Sample” and you should be able to get a particular hitsound appearing on the map at the point where you are right now.

4. To delete these hitsounds, just go into the note editor and press Tab, these orange notes indicate the samples and you can just click and delete them.
Q: How do I upload a beatmap to osu!?

A: At the top left hand corner, you should see the File dropdown menu, click the Upload beatmap button. Make sure to uh… upload your own beatmap unless you got permission. VERY IMPORTANTLY YOU WILL NEED TO PRESS “SUBMIT” ELSE YOUR MAP WON’T HAVE A THREAD, if you are experiencing trouble doing this or your map doesn’t have a thread just try to re-submit or consult the Help Forum.
Q: Why are my maps so bad? How do I map better?

A: Quite subjective in the sense that some people may perceive some maps to be bad/good, it might be just you that thinks that the map is horrible but in most of the cases the first map you do in rhythm games may be one of the worst ones you’ll do.
Consider referencing experienced mappers, consult them just to get new ideas. Ask for playtests or just playtest it yourself to ensure that the map is what you want the player to feel when you release it to the public. Polish up your map through various means to make sure there isn’t any accidental errors or just to improve what you’ve done currently in which you can get “mods” from other players to do so.
Q: What is a mod? How do I usually get mods?

A: There are two main ways to get mods, would say they are the only ways anyways.

1. Ask in a modding queue (, usually there will be rules stating what you can post and what you can’t post, consider reading those so that you don’t make a fool of yourself

2. Ask people directly, this would be the less common way but if you are sure that a person mods maps you can go ahead and ask.
Q: How do I set the editor to >9K?

A: You can do so by checking the box under Key Count in the difficulty tab under song setup, take note that you can only map 10K 12K 14K 16K 18K
Q: What is Kudosu? Does Star Priority affect the map in any way?

A: Kudosu is what you gain after you mod a map(hopefully), think of it as a thank-you gift from the creator of the map himself. Star Priority is calculated by (Kudosu Stars Shot + Amount of Kudosu given in the thread), and as of now it doesn’t really affect the chances of you getting a bubble/rank/modded. But it is important to take note that you need 12 Star priority to rank a map
Q: Can I gain kudosu through (insert post here)?

A: You can gain kudosu if you help the map, such as suggesting changes, providing a better BG, give a better timing, hitsounding, etc. However do take note that you shouldn’t give kudosu to GD(Guest Difficulty) posts.

A: Ask a BN/QAT/Staff to deny it
Q: OK I’m not sure if my map is ready, how do I know if it is rankable?

A: Read: +!mania_Ranking_Criteria | Take note that guidelines can be broken, rules however, cannot.
Q: How do I rank my mapset (spread)?

A: Get enough mods and make sure you have +12 Star Priority, then go ask a BN to see if it is ready for rank. If so, then he/she’ll (probably) bubble it, if you have a bubble, this means that you are one step closer to ranking, you just need to ask another BN (not the same one) to give a “heart” to qualify it.
Q: How do I rank my marathon mapset (marathon/over 5 minutes drain time)?

A: Similar to what I have stated above, but you will need 2 Bubbles and 1 “fire” from 3 different BNs.
Ask me (almost) any question in the thread or just by offline PM, I pretty much memorized most of these osu!mania stuff for no reason
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Welcome back AEM.

I think this is a pretty good thread, might need a better title though. osu!mania general FAQ or something? Think the only problem other than that is how you explained combo affects score. Combo affects your score by a little more than 10K (probably closer to 15K-20K from my experience), and there are a ton of cases where having a high combo will give you a worse score than ones with a moderately high combo as well. It'd be hard to elaborate to a new player though, so I guess it's fine.
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Shoegazer wrote:

Welcome back AEM.

I think this is a pretty good thread, might need a better title though. osu!mania general FAQ or something? Think the only problem other than that is how you explained combo affects score. Combo affects your score by a little more than 10K (probably closer to 15K-20K from my experience), and there are a ton of cases where having a high combo will give you a worse score than ones with a moderately high combo as well. It'd be hard to elaborate to a new player though, so I guess it's fine.
Amended values + Changed Title ~
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+ Skinning FAQ
+ Coloured some stuff to make it cuter
+ A lot of notices, very cool
BPM scale masterrace reporting in.

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Might wanna [b] the defined terms in your glossary thing.

Helpful post.
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Might wanna [b] the defined terms in your glossary thing.

Helpful post.
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This deserves a Sticky
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This deserves a Sticky

Nice FAQ!

Consider adding questions regarding the "co-op mod", and "how the heck do you play more than 10k?" type of questions. Also consider adding "why is DT not giving bonus" and "Why is HR unranked" type of questions.
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abraker wrote:

Nice FAQ!

Consider adding questions regarding the "co-op mod", and "how the heck do you play more than 10k?" type of questions. Also consider adding "why is DT not giving bonus" and "Why is HR unranked" type of questions.
ah, should be interesting to address these questions, will do that when i have time ~

edit: added
I have an interesting question (not one of those up there). Why is it that I can do a 4.6 Star with a 98% and then I can’t get that high on a 3.9 star??? And why are there days where I do SUPER well and days (most of them) where I do significantly bad? Is it just me who’s experiencing this?
Star rating is inaccurate. Some 5 star maps are easier than some 3 star maps and the other way around.
new mania pp balance when T.T
does anyone here know how to download a good osumaina skin ? i really need 1
and also where do i find them

owennochallenna wrote:

does anyone here know how to download a good osumaina skin ? i really need 1
and also where do i find them
Youtube is your best bet

owennochallenna wrote:

does anyone here know how to download a good osumaina skin ? i really need 1
and also where do i find them
youtube is a good place to find them from, though you should look for a top player's plays and see if their skin is public
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