IGZ WT 2015-16 #3 [CLOSED]

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Registration OVER

Knockouts Schedule!

Stats provided by Upondeath

Knockout Stage on 16th day

Hi-yo! Time for our third tournament of Winter Tour.
IGZWT#3 Will be a 2 day tournament for 80k->200k played ON 9.1. and 10.1..
Map difficulty is fairly varied between 3,1*->4*.
Will count towards Winter Tour points -> Here
Looking for refs.

There are some parts in the rules and elsewhere that still needs some work on...

This is only to be used for games that were rescheduled for Sunday.

1. Players should try to find an agreement on a new match time and play it BEFORE 14.1. 12:00GMT
2. Contact Me or any referee online to find a possible referee
- If a referee can't be found players should decide which one takes the MPLink and screenshots Bans. PM them to me.
3. Proceed to play as normal.

If players don't find an agreement on a new time that is suited for both will...
A. Player who was ready to play during the rescheduled time receives win by forfeit.
B. Match will be completely nullified and neither player will be granted points, if neither of players were ready to play during rescheduled time.

It is NOT our referees responsibility to find you new match times.
Wall of text BBY!

-Tournament will be played over 1 weekend of Groupstage and Single / Double Elimination Knockout Stage for top players (schedule will be found on challonge/google docs)
- Mappool will consist of 7 Nomod, 4 HardRock, 4 Hidden, 4 Doubletime and 1 Tie-breaker map
- Match times:
*9.1. Saturday Groupstage 13:00GMT->
*10.1. Sunday Knockoutstage 12:00GMT->
- Referee will create the room, unless if theyre still busy with the earlier match
- Room Name: IGZWT[Player A – Player B]
- Room should be locked with a password
- No extra players are allowed in the room, apart tournament referee/admin
- Respect your opponent
- Both players may choose 1 (One) Warm-up map each, MAP DOESNT HAVE TO BE PART OF THE MAPPOOL
- Players are responsible for showing up on the scheduled time
- Groupstage matches will be played as Bo5(First to 3 wins) and Knockout stage will be played as Bo5 with Grand Final as Bo7(First to 4 wins)
- Players must provide the Tournament Moderator with Multiplayer Link + bans (only applies if there is no referee watching the game)
- The player with higher !roll will start the ban/pick Phase
- Players are allowed to ban 2 (Two) maps
- Each player is allowed to pick a maximum of 2 (Two) maps from each pool
- In case of tie (2-2,3-3) a Tie-Breaker map will be played (Pre-Determined)
- Each map is played with their respective mods, NoMod = no mods, HR = Hardrock etc...
- If player Disconnects during a song and the result doesn't show up in MPlink will the map be reqistered as loss. (MPLink has the final say)
- No rematches, unless if it's a double fail.
- After disconnecting player has 10mins to reconnect, if he fails to do so, will the match be marked as 0-3 loss
- Tie-Breaker will be played with light FreeMod rules (Mods allowed, but not forced)
- Failed score does NOT count
- Tournament is open for players of 80k-200k rank, however if player goes below 80k is he/she still allowed to take part aslong as his/her rank doesnt go below 75k during registration.
- Fail participation (Reqistrating but not showing up) will result in being banned for the rest of Winter Tour
- Arriving late results in following penalties
+5min Loss of warmup map
+10min DQ
- In case if players conclude Groupstage with tie points:
1. Map W/L
2. TieBreaker Match
- Not having fun will result in sadness, so HAVE THE F*CK FUN
1. X-Blade
2. Diralman
3. popski0123
4. CaldionHD
5. Dasvi
6. crazymanta
7. ItsKoby
8. bakwas247
9. - Kameyo -
10. Xayler
11. Golgazh
12. AkiraGER
13. Kilometr
14. paolostyle
15. Allenwalker88
16. Ascended
17. zz-e
18. - Cherry -
19. JeremTheOuf
20. [Erick]
21. MagBlood
22. Mark9870
23. bubbleosu
24. Here100
25. Kulja123
26. Mishyarn
27. shizkiller
28. Ashmar
29. Zesty
30. cmarius214
31. JTR Lone
32. DewVoltage
33. Surplexed
34. Ty4yks
35. KJF
36. Poke_player
37. JTay
38. Talli
39. Srzega

Further registers will be listed on waitinglist:
Each player who wants to join should fill this :

Player Name:
Current Rank:
Favourite Map?:

Tbag188 - The Dictator
Swell Ref
Veroxx Ref
Dragonguard1998 Ref
Aylin_01x Ref
skilledmine Ref
Upondeath Ref
EagleDoge Ref
Electoz Ref
Simonosis Ref
-Sunshine- Ref
Si1entKiTTeh Ref
StephOsu Ref

If you have received an mail from me... plz answer it.

We've had 2 incredible tournaments on this tour, lets do it three!
Player Name: X-Blade
Current Rank: #159,177 (at the time of writing this)
Nationality: Norwegian
Favourite Map?: Talent Shredder (0108 style)
Player Name: Diralman
Current Rank: #86373
Nationality: United States
Favourite Map: Neople - Evil Tower 1

Hoping to not get wrecked this time. :)
Oh shit already? Damn. I'll be up for a staffing position again if you need me.
Heyyy...... I'm back!!
hope that my nerves won't take over me this time :))

Player Name:popski0123
Current Rank: #121,919
Nationality: Filipino (Philippines)
Favourite Map?: Airman ga Taosenai [Sound holic version]
Player Name: rini90
Current Rank:#135,005
Nationality: German
Favourite Map?:

Even if i am on holidays till 7th and cant train the maps i will have fun :D
Well since i'm not able to enter, if your in need of staff just pm me.
Player Name: Blehmeh
Current Rank: #98,924
Nationality: Australian
Favourite Map?: Minamotoya feat. Kuroa* - Hana Kagerou [Extreme]
Player Name: CaldionHD
Current Rank: #159284
Nationality: german
Favourite Map:
Player Name: Dasvi
Current Rank: #99,429
Nationality: Greek
Favourite Map?: Demetori: Crimson Belvedere ~ Eastern Dream
Player Name: Athaleas
Current Rank:#165,962
Nationality: Dutch (got vacation in Croatia)
Favourite Map?: S3RL-Techno kitty [extreme]

Player Name: crazymanta
Current Rank: #120,249
Nationality: United Kingdom
Favourite Map: First - cillia
Player Name: ItsKoby
Current Rank:#163,768
Favourite Map: Passcode - Yasuda Rei

Player Name: bakwas247
Current Rank: #129,519
Nationality: Indian, living in the UK
Favourite Map?: iojjj - Deus Ex Machina ~ Insane

I'm not good at my fav map, but it's hella fun to play :D
- Kameyo -
Player name: - Kameyo -
Current rank: #124,030
Nationallity: Swedish
Favourite Map: Jun.A - The Refrain of the Lovely Great War [Lunatic]
Player Name: Xayler
Current Rank: #110,255
Nationality: Estonian
Favourite Map?: Reol - Asymmetry [pk's hard]

Looking forward to playing.
I don't think I'll have time to get good enough for this so if you need help with anything just let me know! I have no experience whatsoever but I want to get involved more with the community. I'm ready to learn anything!!! (like how to ref and stuff) :)
Player name: JackieASD
Nationality: Romanian
Current rank: #81001
Favourite map: Undead Corporation - Everything will freeze
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Holy sh*t wasn't looking for one day and this happens. Updating the participant list!!!
Player Name: Golgazh
Current Rank: 107169
Nationality: Swden
Favourite Map?: Stronger (FEAT. EMEL) - Stonebank // Shadren
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