12.01.2020 📑 Art Subforum Guide & Rulebook (READ ME)

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Welcome to osu!'s art corner! Before anything, give this a quick read!

It might be a wall of text now, but its always good to stay informed.
  • A few rules to follow:

  1. Do not create new threads for your request, just use any of the GFX (graphics) queues that are available, plenty of them infact!
  2. Do not request similar content in multiple GFX queues at once. Multirequesting is quite frowned upon as it's wasting people's time and work.
  3. Do not request if the queue is closed / not taking requests. Additionally there are cases of inactive queues that may have been abandoned by their owner, take a few seconds to check if requests are being fulfilled instead of bumping with another one.
  4. Avoid requesting workloads that require immense effort (Custom Skins/3D/Video Editing/Motion Editing), there are other places on the internet for that. People are here to contribute and help users who cannot use graphics editing software get their desired profile content, just that alone is a fair workload!
  5. Please do not use this subforum for any type of advertisement for/or financial gain.
  6. Do not post discord/twitch or similar links (forums do not allow this in general, use your userpage/signature for this). If you really want to post your discord server, do it here
  7. Do not plagiarise/steal GFX content. Passing other people's work around as your own will not be tolerated. Same goes for requesting GFX with someone else's work as a base/source. This can lead to your GFX thread being locked (if any, depending on the case) and possibly your account receiving an infringement. Ask first, if anything.
  8. Avoid posting "good luck" in threads that are older than a few days. People would appreciate actual requests.
  9. NSFW content will not be tolerated!
  10. General forum rules apply, be nice!

    Here you can:
  1. Share your original artwork in the main art thread ( ) or create your own thread!
    1. Each person can have 1 personal art thread only!. Low-effort work may end up seeing a thread lock.
  2. Create a queue for profile avatar/signature/userpage graphical content and the likes!
  3. Request GFX for your profile from the many threads that provide their services!
  4. Discuss anything art related (keep it SFW).
  • What to keep in mind when requesting in a GFX thread:

  1. Read the GFX thread's rules carefully. Sticking to them will ensure your requests follow the guidelines and can be fulfilled sucessfully.
  2. Rule 2 applies here - do not multirequest.
  3. Rule 3 applies here - check if they are taking requests.
  4. Use the request form template provided by the GFX thread when you are requesting. (example)
  5. Use english if it is not a language specific GFX thread.
  6. Make sure the images you are providing for your request have good quality and are close to the original as possible. You can use Google Reverse Image Search, IQDB or TinEye to find an image's original.
  7. Plagiarising rule applies here.
  8. If you could not locate the original and you have a low resolution/quality image only available, you can try upscaling/improve quality with waifu2x (pixiv host) or Waifu2X (booru host).
  • What to keep in mind when opening/managing a GFX Thread:

  1. Confidence! There are quite the amount of GFX threads around so don't be too dissapointed if your thread does not receive much requests.
  2. Keep in mind the no advertising/links rule mentioned above.
  3. Don't use very bright colors like lime green and such, it's not friendly to the eyes!
  4. Avoid using kaomojis (¬_¬;) or other overobtrusive unicode symbols/text in your titles. If you use any, make it clean and simple. Same goes for your posts and the use of ᴛʜɪs ғᴏɴᴛ.
  5. Keep in mind when using tiny text everywhere... it can be quite small on big resolutions.
  6. Include a section with some examples of your work (avatars/signatures/banners etc) if you have any available! It would serve as some sort of a portfolio.
  7. Don't forget your introduction!
  8. Keep things tidy and easy to read!
  9. If you are closing your thread for a long time and do not want any more posts, contact a moderator to lock the thread for you. Saves time and nerves!
  10. Plagiarising rule applies here again.
  11. AVOID NAMING YOUR THREADS "closed" for the purpose of abandonment and/or making a new one. PM a moderator to sort things out in a more tidy manner.

If you followed all of these, everything should go well and everyone will be happy!

If you have any questions or want to report something, feel free to send me a forum PM, ingame if available or use the !report command in chat.

Just a quick update here for anyone using the art forum.

Recently it was decided that a single centralized thread wasn't creating a proper environment for the art forums, so we are now allowing people to create their own individual art topics where they can post their art. The centralized thread will still exist, but artists that need or want their own space for posting content can now do so!

Be sure to read over the rules once more so you know how this forum is being used now!
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We've put a small update addressing GFX requests and their proper utilization.
For those who are having troubles with users not requesting properly in your GFX thread, feel free to send them here!
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New update has been issued to the rules addressing two key problems:
  1. Advertisements for financial purposes are not allowed.
  2. Unnecessary "good luck" posts on older threads should be avoided. Its fine to do so at the beginning but after a few days, please refrain from it, request instead :P
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Added a section to the main post with information for opening/managing GFX threads. If anything was missed, will be added later on.
Some slight modifications and spelling errors fixed.
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New addition to the rules has been added regarding plagiarising/stealing GFX content. Be original and respect people's work.
  1. Additional information - using other people's GFX as a base to request new GFX falls into this category.
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Update to this sticky
  1. Kaomojis, some unicode texts or other overobtrusive unicode symbols in titles should now be avoided. It is only to make things cleaner and easier to read. Applies to posts aswell.
  2. As for overusing tiny text, keep in mind on higher resolutions they can become a problem.


kaomoji- *´ ▽ `*)ノ
text - Relocating
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New add to sticky addressing people requesting similar content in multiple GFX queues at once.
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Changed multirequesting to an actual rule due to the increasing amount of people attempting to request content in multiple threads at once.
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Seems some GFX threads have slipped under the radar with opening posts sometimes almost entirely containing unicode text ғᴏɴᴛ. Please avoid using it like its normal text.
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Update issued to the rules regarding linking discord/twitch or similar links when making a GFX thread. Forums do not allow such advertising in general so the Art subforum should be no exception. Threads which were found to contain such content at the time of this post have been edited. If you must advertise your discord server go here.
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Update has been made addressing users requesting in GFX queues that are closed or inactive.
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