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i've been playing this game since 2003.. i play with arrow keys ;)

but now, we working in made a ez2dancer-step (ez2step).. that drains my time :cry:

but its funny...

its better to play with a controller.. stepmania dont allow press 4 keys at the same time... try to play romeo and juli8 in the hardest level..

(somebody tried Ez2dj???) :)
i found while looking for rhythm games to day and i have to say that this game sux......reallly badd. i found it annoying after 2 minutes of gameplay so i deleted it right after i downloaded it. i was dissapointed i thought it would addicting like osu but it wasnt. (plus the homepage was really messy and hard to look for songs and crap), right now im soooo thankful for peppys decisions to keep stuff nice and clean :D

xerxes_oli wrote:

i found while looking for rhythm games to day and i have to say that this game sux......reallly badd. i found it annoying after 2 minutes of gameplay so i deleted it right after i downloaded it.
Way to elaborate. What do you find 'annoying' about the gameplay? All you've said is that you had trouble finding songs, in which case all you would have to do would be ask anyone in this thread where they get theirs from. That's not even a gameplay issue, though.

If you're gonna say that the gameplay is annoying, explain exactly what it is that annoys you. A statement as vague as the one quoted isn't warranted without more details.
Reviving dead Topic - Wow has it already been 3 years since this talk started :o

Anyway i think that if you're going to play a game which is a simulator of dance dance revolution play it with a pad and not a keyboard.

I only play keyboard if i know it's a song that is literally spamming with notes
Just use both, one at a time of course.

At least that's what I do.
This game is one of my favorite. A simple to learn and hard to master game.
Btw I use C666 and C730 with Reverse and playing around 12-22. 22 is the hardest thing I can pass =x
i play it and i know it from my friend
I play Stepmania with a keyboard or a JKOC since then I'm prepared for in case a pad doesn't work out too well with some of the much more ridiculous charts. That Almagest challenge/oni chart from XL is just...oh man.
I play played Stepmania.
Then I found Pulsen off the Stepmania web site.
Can't wait for the Souleye pack~

Recently I decided to re-download Stepmania.
All of the song download pages were glitched. All of them, even StepMixes.

Edit: Downloads are fixed. Can finally play again~
Rating systems on SM are silly, because there's no standard for them (with the except of the Notes Per Second scale that certain keyboard communities are using). To say "I play 12–14s" has no bearing on anything tangible. A "difficulty 12" versus a "12 notes per second" can be and usually is completely different.

With that said, are you looking for pad charts or keyboard charts? Four-key, six-key, eight-key? Or if you're using StepMania 5 (or CVS, the older SM5 build), five-key, seven-key or nine-key?

Here is what is probably the most comprehensive listing for keyboard pack listings for 4-key and 6-key:
http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/vbz ... p?t=115269

If you want pad packs, you can find endless amounts of them on r21freak.

Be wary that keyboard packs are naturally significantly harder then their pad counterparts. Most of the older keyboard packs contain files that have only one difficulty, which is usually at a level for upper-tier players. If you find these to be too hard, I've created a few keyboard packs as of late that have near fully charted difficulties to ease you into keyboard play. I'll link dump below to make it easier to find, lol. Personally, I like LCP3, Summer, Spring, Winter, and Autumn from most favourite to least—I put all of them together after all, so you can take my word if you wish to.

Light Chancellors Pack 3:

FFR Community Pack Summer 2011:

FFR Community Pack Autumn 2011:

FFR Community Pack Winter 2011:

FFR Community Pack Spring 2012:

Otaku's Dream Anime Mix 6, 7, and 8

Other major packs that were released prior to the above in which you can find links to in the thread I provided above. Keep in mind though, all of these packs below are only single-charted and cater to experienced keyboard spread players and not so much index and the beginner/intermediate crowd as the packs above do a better job of.

BeatmaniaIIDX 17 SIRIUS Megapack
Bunch of Files You Probably Don't Have Volume 1
Community Keyboard Megapack 4
Dark Chancellors Pack
FFR Community Packs 1, 2 and 3
Light Chancellors Pack 2
MAD Packs 1 and 2
Melon Collaboration Packs 1 and 2
Mystery Packs 1 and 2
Nuclear Blast JS Awesome Bomb Files 1, 2, 3, and 4
ODI Packs 1 and 2
Otaku's Dream Mix
Piano Minipack of Elegance
Red Fraction Pack
SMG Packs 1 and 2
Subjectivemania Collab Packs 1 and 2
Xoon 4
Xoon 5

tl;dr the simfile side of the community is booming—we are pumping out MORE simfiles and packs than ever before. Dumpfile megapacks only take up a small fraction of what has been churned out in just the past couple of years. Naysayers that say SM is dead clearly don't pay attention to what happens around them quite frankly.
We'd love to see more attention for Stepmania. There's no reason rhythm games can't coexist (:

Like pat said, the keyboard file (that the FFR community makes) are generally pretty difficult in comparison to pad files, with usually more than one layering scheme for the harder files. I think that osu is among the few rhythm games that don't have layering implementation (well minus osustream multitap). There have been efforts to push out some lower difficulty files so that we can allow for more people to get into the game a little easier.

Gundam-Dude wrote:

that wall of text and links
...That was Deep...

...I'm just a casual player...Just started playing again because I got a metal pad...
...the highest I can pad are 6s, easy 7s, and stupid 8s...also play doubles keyboard...doubles pad at arcade...

...Thank you...
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