[Rule] Make osu!mania 10k maps rankable.

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Now, you can play high quality 10K maps and more than 200 maps in osu!mania.
There are variety difficulty for beginner and expert.
Though it's difficult to learn, it's more fun by using all fingers. So I think 10K maps must be rankable.

uploaded maps
https://osu.ppy.sh/s/332673 Piano Beatmap Set : 5songs, 24maps(10k maps), hitsound files
https://osu.ppy.sh/s/330793 Crypt of the Necrodancer : 4 maps
https://osu.ppy.sh/s/351167 Renai Circulation : 8maps, hitsound files
https://osu.ppy.sh/s/369827 10K2S Collection EX : 11songs, 44maps
https://osu.ppy.sh/s/338195 10K2S Collection 1 : 8songs, 38maps
https://osu.ppy.sh/s/344541 10K2S Collection 2 : 8songs, 37maps
https://osu.ppy.sh/s/367540 10K2S Collection 3 : 8songs, 36maps

Other completed maps that will be uploaded
10K2S Collection 4 : 9songs, 40maps
10K2S Collection EX+ : 4songs, 14maps, 1song has hitsound files.
10K2S Collection 5 : 9songs, 43maps
10K2S Collection 6 : 9songs, 39maps
10K2S Collection 7 : 8songs, 32maps
1. change 5co-op key setting in option.
2. download 10k skin http://1drv.ms/1NtREbU
3. download 10k beatmaps
4. play 0.7~1.3 star 10k maps.
1. Using number pad
A S D F Space RightArrow Num4 Num5 Num6 Num+
A S D F Space Num0 Num4 Num5 Num6 Num+

2. Using RightAlt
A S D F Space RightAlt P [ ] \
A S D F Space RightAlt L ; ' Enter

3. Pull out the RightAlt key and use the above key.
A S D F Space . P [ ] \
A S D F Space . O P [ ]
I agree with you on this matter, because I believe there is no reason for specific key-modes to not be considered for rank- as long as our fingers can play it :P
Genryu kaiko
I agree with this post

10k Fantastic XD
Would love to see it happen
Support. I love playing these 10K maps even though can't hitting all notes makes me feel kinda silly. Plus, it's an opportunity to train my left thumb which is totally discarded since I've started typing 14 years ago.
+ 1
I can't play key-modes over 4k but many other can and i support this. Yes.
Since 4-9k is already Rankable it's time for the 10 keys :3

200% agree, 10K can still be played with static hands on keyboard, so It should be rankable. Also, awesome job with all these maps.

I wonder what the first 10k ranked map would be. Also I will be able to rank the 10k diffs of my ZUN - Dark Side of Fate map. Depending on how patient I am, I might still keep it in graveyard status until 12k-16k is made rankable.
10k is technically playable so I agree with this.
why not?

If 9K is rankable why not 10K? So yeah. . .
This is more a feature request, as this is determined by the developers (requires implementation) and not by a community consensus.
Wait what
Why should it be a feature request?
10k exists, only the rankability needs to br maintained
I also heard it's already rankable, there is just a lack of BN/QAT to specifiy for that
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Baraatje123 wrote:

Wait what
Why should it be a feature request?
10k exists, only the rankability needs to br maintained
I also heard it's already rankable, there is just a lack of BN/QAT to specifiy for that
1. There is "9k rankable" on changelog Apr 30, 2015, but 10k is not.
add Mania: [smoogipooo] Make 9K rankable.

2. osu! weekly said 9k rankable, but 10k is not.

OSU!WEEKLY #8 wrote:

While there have been a lot of changes in the change log as of late fixing various issues, there was one very important change for mania players on April 30’th. 9K was made rankable after being given proper use support in the editor. Hopefully we’ll see some cool pop’n style 9K charts soon, and be able to see 1k, 2k and 3k rankable in the near future as well!
Alright let's trust loctav that this needs some kind of implementation from the devs and return back to our roots.

https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/379786 ^.^
With the change of how the Ranking Criteria Subforum works from now on, topics like these are obsolete.
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