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Mapping Contest

All of my yes. Take my uncle's baby.
95.83% 23
Nah, go eat a muffin instead.
4.17% 1
Total votes: 24
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How much interest would there be in a Scandinavian mapping contest? In osu!standard that is.

Thought I'd want to see how much interest there would be before deciding to hold one or not (though don't have high expectations since I could randomly just go lazy). We could invite our Finnish brethren as well, but I'd like to see if there's any interest in general to something like this.

Edit: Wow apparently I can make my own post an announcement. That's cool.

CXu wrote:

Edit: Wow apparently I can make my own post an announcement. That's cool.
Nerf this man.
Oh yeah, and if anyone is interested in helping out with something like this if I do decide to do it, scream out.
Noen spørsmål:

- Er det et helt mapsett eller er den bare en difficutly? I så fall hva slags difficulty er det snakk om (E N H I X)
- Det burde vel være en form for tidsbegrensning på hvor lang tid hver deltaker får få å fullføre mappet.

Jeg og -PC har gjort noe lignende flere ganger, hvor man skulle mappe noe på en viss tid, men det var vel strengt tatt ikke en konkurranse heller mer for gøy.
I'll answer in English since it's probably useful information in general:

The thought is to make it similar to how official mapping contests work on osu!. This means that you'll have to map a full spread, and the map must be rankable (or rankable after modding). There will be a deadline, but how long and when will be decided later on. (This thread is mainly to see if there is any interest before starting to create a contest with no participants :P)

There will be judges (not sure if we should keep these inside Scandinavia or "outsource" this, considering the amount of map-savvy people isn't that huge in the first place), with prices (like supporter or something or other) and helping the winner get their map ranked.

Of course, as you can tell, there still remains a lot of organizing and planning ahead, as this thread isn't announcing a contest, just asking if there's interest for something like that :P
I can help out. Let me know if you need anything...

I've noticed that skandi has lots of great mappers without anything ranked, so I'd gladly be part of judging and helping instead of participating.
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