What is the recommended tablet for osu! and drawing?

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I would like something that is split half and half, perfect for drawing, perfect for osu. I am currently focused on the Wacom CTH-480.
Daichi Shinku
Wacom best tablet, the one you aiming is already good...

But, if you want a cheaper one and if you don't want to go that deep into drawing... buy the Wacom Bamboo (If it still exist, lol)
intuos manga

i know a few good anime artists that started off with that ^
lol I just have the cheapest wacom tablet I could get and it's fine. 8-) It's more about your own skills than equipment (again, just like osu!) 8-)
Try wacom intuos manga (im a manga/anime artist as well)
Artist and Osu! player here ^~^

Currently have and use a wacom bamboo pen and touch CTH-460

Ive had it for over 6 years and its still doing well.
Honestly, If you are looking for a cheap but good tablet - try hunting for Wacom Bamboo (Any of that kind)

(Im not sure if they are still being made, but you can definitely find some on places such as ebay and amazon cheap! Just check that they are in good quality!)

If you want something which you want to keep for years and that you know will continue using - it is worth investing in an intuos!
They are much better tablets after all and totally worth the price :)

Just make sure whatever you buy has a decent amount of sensitivity levels for better control with digital art :D
My path went something like this, these tabs are out of production except for the last but you get the idea.
Wacom Graphire 4 4x5 $99 retail > Wacom Intuos2 12x18 $200 2nd hand > Wacom Intuos5 Large 8x12 $350 retail + wireless kit $30

I dont find the current gen intuos pens all that comfy but that's all personal preference. Luckily you can get different pens on the intuos lines \o/

Back on my intuos2 I used a Classic Pen for linework and the Grip Pen for shade work, these pen types are still around but probably under different names I also bought another Classic Pen for just osu! because I found that vigorously tap playing osu! eventually degrades the pressure sensor. This was all back on my old tab I no longer play osu! on my current tab because 100 bux a pop for a pen im not going to find out if the design was made more robust.

Id look for 2nd hand intuos 4 or 5/pro medium... You'll want more active area :)
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