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Negoto - Charon (DJ SEVEN PnB Refix)

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this map is stucked in graveyard listing page xd
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plz no grave
i lov this mappu
you might wanna put "life goes on" in the tags bc thats the alternate name for this song

give me kd or i'm kkkkilling mysel f :~//
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Togetic wrote:

you might wanna put "life goes on" in the tags bc thats the alternate name for this song

give me kd or i'm kkkkilling mysel f :~//
That's wrong though, there is no alternate name wtf ... -pnb-refix

metadata is correct as it is unless you want to add all his pseudonyms and other info unrelated to the song.
why isnt this ranked yet??1
  1. the storyboard is absolutely amazing, though another background image should be searched for and used in the second kiai instead of repeating the same image used in first kiai, and that the outro could be modified so that it will continue until the end of the song. anyway overall, thumbs up to @Sytarno for the SB creation.
  2. in the tags, if you wish to include (W87ES) then you should include all the artistic names used and collaboration projects by DJ SEVEN. and maybe provide a metadata source since I could only able to find metadata from SoundCloud.
  3. consider to add AudioLeadIn. and please enable Epilepsy Warning.

  1. just a note that NC'ing for every bar is really unnecessary. and 01:45:661 (3) - would be the inconsistency from the current combo pattern.
  2. 00:54:575 (2) - lift up to avoid overlapping with 00:52:861 (2) - // 02:23:375 (2) - way too low and it touches the scorebar
  3. 00:57:661 (1,2) - leaving out the bar behind destroys the average density throughout the part. consider patterns 1 / 2
  4. 01:03:832 (2) - and this is the odd one out since this slider is the only note introducing 1/4's and ending at offbeats. making the slider as 1/1 should be fine, even though the current slider is also okay. sth like could be fun too btw
  5. 03:17:203 (2) - end note should be emphasized with a click so splitting the slider into 2 circles would be better in rhythm.

  1. take note that the map doesn't reach 80% mapped condition
  2. 01:27:146 (1) - remove NC// 01:08:632 (5) - 01:10:003 (1) - swap NC's
  3. 00:31:603 (3,1) - the flow is rather disrupted at this point. making (1) flat would work, or other alternatives could be applied.

I'm really glad it looks good; this is my first sb ever released. I had a really bad feeling it would turn out horrible because I only had a week to finish, which is why I had to push the work of doing the collab names onto Storyboarder.

With the huge amount of pressure and limited timeframe I was really skimmy on the work and often used repetitive functions, but I do agree that it needs a little more variability. I just really wanted to get this sb posted before it was too late; I'll keep looking for other background options as long as there is time (feel free to suggest me any if you happen to know ;))

yeah man i gave you one week LMAO
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UR BOT H degenz its k

you never told me there was any sort of deadline until 11/25

and then on 12/4 we established friday as a final deadline

but yes i agree i did slack off a ton!!
yeah i didnt give you a deadline bc i didnt want to give you any pressure, however i did say get it done asap
its entirely ur fault that you procrastinated till the last week considering that i assigned you this task at the start of october..
also you didnt even finish on friday lo

VINXIS wrote:

UR BOT H degenz its k

Okorin wrote:

you should use combocolors, the default ones are known for not really looking that nice.

Liiraye wrote:

That's wrong though, there is no alternate name wtf ... -pnb-refix

metadata is correct as it is unless you want to add all his pseudonyms and other info unrelated to the song.

i swear i got that from somewhere but i dunno sorry for the misinformation :[
anyways heres ur mod

00:37:775 (1,2) - i don't necessarily see why an sv change is needed because i do not hear any differences in the music that could justify an sv change
00:42:575 (1) - the pattern warrants the sv change a but more, but would it be possible to use this same pattern without changing the sv? i would understand if it makes things awkward or something, but i feel it is worth trying
00:46:175 (4,5,6,1) - the spacing between the slider and triple seems unnecessarily large for the intensity of the music
00:53:546 (1) - same as 00:42:575 (1) but of course i understand if it doesn't work well
literally i'm really sorry that i couldn't point out much. i'm like really tired and idk what to point out, so i hope the stuff i actually said was helpful in anyway :[ i hope ranking goes well!
fser's sik modding services co.

map got updated like 1 billion times since i started this mod so half of it is prob invalid hehe lol :O

00:30:232 (1,2) - spacing is 1.29x as opposed to 1.30x wtfz!!!!!!!!!
00:39:832 (1) - poop blanket
00:41:203 (1,2) - 1.31x
00:50:803 (1) - use approach circle to make blankets my dued im not gonna point these out anymore nobody notices while playing x)
00:59:032 - idk i think it would be good if a circle were here somewhere
01:16:861 (1,2,1,2,1,2) - 2bh i think u can get more creative than just straight sliders
01:47:032 (1,2) - curve these or smth idk just make them not diagonal looks weird to me
01:49:775 (1,2,1,2) - why did the pattern change when the song didnt
02:15:832 (1,1) - mby you can blanket the smaller slider around the bigger slider?holy shit u copied & pasted the first part and flipped it same mods apply
02:37:775 (1,1) - same thing attempt blanket :~)
02:44:632 (1,2,1,2,1,2,1) - heck bro make some patterns man this looks boring -_____-
02:59:718 (1,2) - 1.31x --> 1.30x
03:02:461 (1,2) - 1.29x --> 1.30x
03:03:832 (1,2) - 1.29x --> 1.30x
03:09:318 (1,2) - 1.29x --> 1.30x
03:13:433 (1,2) - 1.29x --> 1.30x
03:14:804 (1,2) - holy fuck ^

[Secretpipe's Normal]
00:28:175 (2,3) - shud probably blanket that better
00:58:346 - u could add a circle here idk if it would fit in a normal diff tho
00:59:375 - ^
01:05:889 (1,2) - (2) looks a little too far to the right if ur gonna blanket it lo l
01:07:261 (3) - ok this slider kinda makes the rhythm/consistency wonky cuz of how long it is, mby you can map it differently
01:27:832 (1) - this spinner legit goes for double the time theres anything to map it to lOL if you cut it in half it may be too hard for a normal diff but idk : /
01:53:203 - add circle mby mby??
01:54:232 - ^
01:56:632 (3) - why is this slider so long theres stuff 2 map to there...
02:53:546 (2,3) - wonky blanket

[Liiraye's Hard]
00:33:318 (2,3) - imo the slider should flow into the circles xd
00:51:661 (3,1) - eh there are other ways this could have been done, looks messy to me
01:07:775 (2) - i would make this a circle and then a slider but idk if its overmapping for a hard
01:09:661 (4) - ^ except slider and then circle
01:26:289 (3) - try replacing the slider with a circle and then making a repeating slider with hits here --> 01:26:461 - 01:26:718 - 01:26:975 - something like this i guess
01:40:004 (1) - u can do more than just map to vocals maybe remove the repeat and add 2 circles at 01:40:518 - and 01:40:689 -
01:47:889 (3,4) - wew that might be a little too spicy with the spacing
01:49:089 (2,3) - i dont rly see a reason for these to not be equally spaced theres not much of an intensity difference
02:00:746 (1) - cmon this part can be more creative than a single slider
02:03:489 (1,2) - make this a single repeating slider B)
02:08:632 (5,1,2) - idk how i feel about the slider end of (5) being on a white tick andall that other stuff i understand theres no real sound to map to on 02:08:803 - tho lol
02:30:746 (1) - this slider kinda ruins the steadiness of the rhythm and theres other drums and stuf u can map to

[deetz' Insane]
00:27:489 (1) - this mite b better if u ctrl+g it
00:57:661 (1) - i would prob misread this if i were at this skill level cuz of the overlaps n shit
01:09:661 (1) - idk this slider is kinda random and doesnt fit consistently u could prob

place more stuff around that time
01:20:632 (1) - ^
01:27:489 (1,2) - make (1) flow directly into (2)
01:42:061 (3,4,5,6) - kinda boring u could try switching up the rhythm here maybe like this
01:44:803 (1,2,3,4) - ^
02:07:603 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - tbh i would make (5) repeat 1 less time and stack another circle with (7) and (8) like this
02:26:975 (6,7) - u could space these out and make a zigzag jump or smth, example
03:17:632 - u should add a spinner that ends at 03:21:661 - or something for top50 purposes lol

[Mega Collab]
00:12:403 (1,2,3) - what is this mapped to
00:17:889 (1,2,3) - ^
00:35:718 (1,2,3,4,5) - crn zigzag jumps smh
01:01:946 (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) - tbh that (7) is confusing there must be an easier way to map that xd
01:10:861 (7) - wot flip this around and align it like u did with 01:10:518 (5,6) -
01:16:689 (4,5,1,2,3,4,5) - boring pattern u could prob make some nice jumps with this
01:18:232 (1,2,3,1,2,3,4) - ^i like how the map turns into fucking boogie at the end of the chorus
01:41:718 - this spot would probably be better with a circle, kinda threw me off when lookin @ it in the editor..
01:53:889 - theres literally a kick drum here
02:23:203 (4,5,6,7,8,1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,5) - eh the streams here are kinda boring u can do curves and stuff on them and/or turn them different directions
02:54:232 (1,2) - tbh its prob really easy to miss a slider end here try to flow (1) into (2) lolxd
03:06:575 - this really seems like such a drastic change even though there's no difference in the song that i can hear...
ending doesn't need a spinner cuz there already is one and it doesn't sound like it fits lol
hullo from shitmapping discord
just a quick mod on top diff, some stuff i noticed while playing


00:05:546 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4) - obvious copypasta pls at least rotato a lil or something
00:49:089 (4,5,6,7,1) - why edgy circle? pretty basic drum fill here shouldn't require something that stands out as much as this
01:00:918 (3,4,5) - random 3/4 gap is super hard to read, especially since there are literally only two others in the entire map. also drum at 01:01:089 is very strong and should have clickable object. maybe rhythm like this instead so you use only 1/2 and 1/4 gaps between objects.
01:01:946 (2,3,4,5,6,7) - same here with 3/4 gap. just place a stacked circle on 01:02:546 (7) at 01:02:461 to make a double and it'll be way easier to read
01:10:003 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) - really cool pattern but the intensity implied by kicksliders isn't warranted by the music. 01:10:689 (6,7) could be circles instead.
01:11:032 (1,1) - this hold and accelerate cursor movement is really cool. why not use it at 01:11:718 (2,3) as well to give it some context? right now it's a little odd on its lonesome. also that would let you make 01:12:061 (3) a 1/2 beat slider and map the drum hit at 01:12:232.
01:16:861 (1,2,3,4,5) - small spacing here doesn't reflect the intensity of the music; this is a kiai section! maybe increase spacing to 1.0x or so.
01:18:746 (1,2,3,4) - same here.
01:54:575 - this piano sound is super strong, want something clickable here. maybe you could make 01:54:232 (2) a 3/4 slider and stack a note on the tail?
01:56:461 (2) - skips very strong downbeat at 01:56:632. why? if you want to emphasize 01:56:803 (3) you could just do a 1/2 slider into 1/4 circles, and hit that important beat at the same time. honestly i'd prefer something clickable though, since 01:56:632 is so strong.
01:58:946 (2) - same here with skipping strong beat. a pattern like this maybe.
02:02:803 (1,2) - mapping like this completely ignores the strong blue tick rhythm. please change to a rhythm like this instead. if that's too intense perhaps this, but either way please change.
02:45:318 (6) - skips drum at 02:45:489. mapping to vocals is cool but a rhythm like this would still emphasize vocal while also mapping the drum.
02:50:803 (5) - same as above.
02:55:946 (3,4,5) - why triple? there's nothing to suggest a triple in the music.
02:56:975 (1,2,3) - same as above.
also the section from 02:55:603 to 03:06:575 is very similar in intensity to the section from 03:06:575 to 03:17:546, but is mapped significantly less dense. please at least keep a constant 1/2 rhythm going; the frequent 1/1 gaps make this section much less intense to play than the music would suggest.
03:07:946 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11) - also with regards to intensity this section of purely circles is significantly more intense to play than any other comparable section of music due to the amount of clicking necessary. sprinkle some sliders in to help diversify it.

love this song. good luck!


  1. 00:35:375 (4,1) - mak 1.3x so that its even since its a shape? its slightly noticable that its off
  2. 00:51:832 (4,1) -
  3. 01:03:146 (1,2,1) - y not start the spinner at 01:03:146 - and end it at 01:03:146 (1) - so u can make 01:03:146 (1) - clickable
  4. 01:20:289 (2,3) - im a noob i would clik the repeat arrow here tbh
  5. 01:37:432 (1) - y not just do the rhythm you did at 00:32:975 - instead of thsi spinner thing, its so edgy for new playr man they just wanna click the circles on the strong notes and the end of spinner not very satisfying
  6. 01:50:461 (2,3,4) - this pattern is really confusing for noob imo
  7. 01:55:261 (1) - d
  8. 02:02:118 (2,1) - yea
  9. 02:29:203 (2,3) - STACK in ez
  10. 02:39:146 (1,2,3,4) - y not just mak these the same but mirror...
  11. 02:48:060 (2,1) - actually stak it

    is ur aesthetic making triangles that ar barely off caus if so u really follow it well LOOOL

Secretpipe's Normal

  1. 00:23:375 (3,4) - caus the other blanket is perfect but this one isnt so the square is probably off
  2. 00:42:918 (5,6,1,2) - the distance/angle between 00:42:918 (5,6) - makes this look a littl fucked imo, its not an even hexagon
  3. 00:58:689 (2) - slightly uneven, only noting because the dip would be in time with the vocal accentuation if it was even
  4. 01:40:175 (3,4,1) - if u bring 4 to the left a bit more itll be a better triangle

editing latr
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