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Problem Details:
The song hangs for a short amount of time when you click(holding the click) to a new song

Steps to reproduce:
1) go in single player
2) switch to the above song in your song select but instead of a short click hold your mouse button

clicking really fast trough the song seems to help

Reproduce rate: Low
Importance: low

osu! version: 20150812.11 (latest)
Houtarou Oreki
Doesn't really happen to me in cutting edge, but I may do something wrong. When holding my mouse button it just lets me scroll the list precisely. Until I release the button it doesn't stop the music from already selected song.
Can't replicate. Would you mind recording a short video or something?
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I will try to record something, only back home in 3 days doe, it's really hard to reproduce, sometime it works but mostly not, o btw you have to restart osu for the next try
How do you switch songs while holding your mouse button? You need to release the button to switch songs.
i can confirm this i have the same problem, but not Always just sometimes. It actually doesn't matter how i change the song (scrolling,ArrowKeys,Clicking,F2) it hangs sometimes. usually i restart my Osu! and the problem is fixed.. :0

I could describe it like this: If you click f2 and it randomly goes to a song. so if you click it again (F2) the songs selector gets :
-Stuck (Client Restart required)
-when selecting the new song you hear the music of the other song. ( Usually spam f2 and spamming other ways to slect songs, fixes this but not Always and a client restart is required)

It doesnt happen often but at least 3-4 times a week of playing an average of 3-5 hours per day. (i hope this helps you to get an image of the scenario)
I've never experienced this, especially since I fixed a whole bunch of random related null refs.
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