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Found some parts seems unreadable but after asking pro to play it is playable in playmode.
Found some parts WTFly but it should be.
Hope I didn't miss anything, we've been waiting for too long hmm.

bubble #1
(wow it actually got bubbled!!!!)

Maybe will actually check it all later unless it gets approved today :P
star :)
The first diff I check has a different bpm than the others and an unrankable hold slider. Great...

*Add an approachcircle, even if it's the default one.
*Offset feels a bit early. I think all offset could use a +10, and you could easily do it by selecting them all in the f6 timing setup panel (click and drag down the list): You may want to get a couple other timing pros such as Doomsday and Lybydose to look at this, since playtesting this mapset is a bit out of my league.

00:02:255 (1) - No. Hold sliders are entirely unrankable. Change the bpm to 100 like in the other difficulties.
00:33:329 (7) - I really couldn't see that this was a slider under 00:32:594 (3)'s hitburst (300/100/etc).
00:34:466 (2) - Repeat is hidden by (1)'s hitburst. This is unrankable.
00:41:420 (1,2) - Pretty much unrankable, since it's difficult to tell which is the slider and which is the circle (especially when snaking sliders are turned off). I highly suggest not stacking these (or use new combos so that the color makes it easier to read)
00:41:963 (3,4) - ^
00:42:504 (5,6) - ^
00:44:788 (3,4) - ^
00:45:302 (5,6) - ^
01:00:210 (2,3) - ^
01:33:597 (3,4) - ^
01:35:994 (3,4) - ^ and this is the worst one so far since it's so fast x_x
01:49:015 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - I would like this pattern if I could actually sightread it at this speed XP
EDIT: 01:04:705 - Why is the bpm cut in half here?

00:35:280 (1,2) - same comments as the overlapping notes/sliders in ReMix
00:36:875 (1,2,3,4) - ^
00:43:216 (4,5,6) - why aren't these stacked properly?
01:04:705 (1) - Using uninherited sections for slider speed changes is unrankable. Change the bpm back to its correct value and use a 0.5x inherited section on top of it instead.
01:08:539 (5) - ^
01:14:708 (3,4,1) - spacing is a bit close
01:22:366 (2,3) - These are a bit too difficult to see (and are kinda ugly).
01:47:092 (6,4,6) - same overlapping slider comment
01:53:237 (7) - unrankable hidden repeat

*I was going to point out a couple of confusing spots, but then the map got ridiculously hard at the end and my comments became null and void.

[ignore's Another]
*Dear God those slider speeds at the end...

[lzy's Delta]
01:42:132 (1,2,3) - same slider stacking comments as the other diffs
01:44:217 (1,2,3) - ^
01:48:181 (1,2,3) - ^

[Taiko Oni]
*I actually expected this Taiko to be more insane, but I like it the way it is.
star :D
kaniel outis
OK star
Star :)
I can see why this have so many stars, this map is just epic even if I'm not able to pass the easiest diff x.x
Personally I think it's even better than the DDR version, really great effort.
Shiranui Okami
;) star
uuhg.. I passed remix and got to about 310 on all difficulties (Even Ignores Another.. Dear god that's a hard one)

This map is just entirely epic.

Star :)
132 star left gogo
wow! A lot of stars!
Star #444 o_o

I really want to see this ranked =)
删掉的几个难度的链接呢 ╮(╯_╰)╭
Topic Starter
...well shit.
BPM is a bit wrong.
i need a resnap storyboard button.
really a long time lol
i hate multi-bpm songs

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