Suara - Musouka (TV Size)

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Saturday, June 20, 2015 at 9:25:52 PM

Artist: Suara
Title: Musouka (TV Size)
BPM: 134
Filesize: 2269kb
Play Time: 01:20
Difficulties Available:
  1. Hard (2.49 stars, 92 notes)
  2. Normal (1.58 stars, 59 notes)

Download: Suara - Musouka (TV Size)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
New mapper on the scene (:

This is from one of my favorite games! I had to sell my PS2 but I still remember this game lots :(

Hope you like it!! I know its my first time, but i had lots of friends help, so hopefully uyuo like it!! (:
lulu lemon
For your first map, it is very good! but there's a few thing i'd like to point out.

If you didn't know about this, you can press ctrl-shift-A and it'll open up your AImod. this shows you some errors that it sees instantly.
The first point in AImod is that you need a Preview Point. Go to ''timing'' on the small bar up top and the last option there is that you can set a preview point at any place of the song.
And also i'd like to point out that you need 1 or 2 other diffs in order for your map to get possibly ranked.

Now, to the song:
  1. i feel like the song should'nt start at 00:16:418, it leaves a big open void at the beginning of the map that you can possibly do something with it.
  2. 00:20:000 (1) - i think this new combo isn't very necessary here.
  3. 00:38:358 - unecessary break here in my opinion. you can still do something with this small part of the song.
  4. 01:14:403 (1) - there's something odd about this slider. maybe just rotate it in some way where it isn't awkward from going onto the last note from this one.

Sorry if this mod is a little short but that's all i have to say. nice song btw!
good luck with your beatmap, and good job!
Hello hello, my first time modding.
from #modreqs

00:02:090 - I recommend starting the map from here, I feel that you can map something here, especially since there is like 14 seconds of the song not being mapped.
00:20:000 (1) - i recommend mapping this part here and start the spinner at 00:21:567
00:26:492 - maybe a circle here
00:33:657 - same as above
00:37:239 - same ^
00:37:463 (1) - i think the break should be mapped, it sounds nice to play
00:46:194 (2) - and 00:47:985 (2) - maybe use circles instead of a slider, just an idea
01:14:179 - i feel like you can use a circle here, sounds empty
01:15:746 - maybe add circle here, sounds nice, maybe like this or something similar idk

01:20:895 (1) - i would map the rest of the end of the song, but ending here works too, your choice

That's all I have to say for this difficulty, it's nice. Good map for your first, good luck with the rest!
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Thanks so much guys!

I'll update soon :D Life has been a little hectic for me right now, so I haven't had a chance to really log on or anything :(
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