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Comeback! >w< for now xd

Rules: Read my lat post! o:

[centre][heading][b][color=#8040BF]Welcome to My Modding Queue[/color][/b][/heading][/centre]
Hellow, welcome to my queue! You're probably here because you checked the polar bear from my userpage to know my current modding policy. Since now I would like to take the requests from here because it was a mess doing it by forum pm and random requests that I got in-game-chat. I hope I'll open this queue eventually to take requests since this seems to be more than dead from the last four months. x.x Let's start!

[centre][size=150][b][color=#0080FF]Modding Policy[/color][/b][/size][/centre][centre]Check my last post to see announcements of m4m or nm[/centre].
[box=≧◡≦)/ Click here! \(≧◡≦][list][*] I consider this as a weird rule but [b]Beatmap Nominators[/b] can only nominate maps since [b]12 or above of Start Priority[/b]. Hence, consider shooting some stars to your maps before requesting a mod here! ◕‿◕)/
[*] Make sure your mapset has been modded at least 8 times. [b]2 of them must be done from experienced modders[/b]. I don't know who are exactly those experienced modders but you can notice them when they mod your map because they bring very good points to improve the quality of the set. Try to find them out!
[*] Something which is really important to highlight here is that you shouldn't forget is that [b]I won't speedrank your map[/b] just because you already have got the two points above already checked. I only mod maps which have been in pending from, at least, [b]one month[/b] since you first submitted the map. There are some few exceptions which they come when I really like the map or you're a new mapper (this one is unlikely to happen because maps from beginners take more than one month to rank). But who knows! (。◕‿◕。)
[*] [b]Please, reply to all my suggestions with a reasonable argument.[/b] No one likes to read responses like: [u]nah[/u], [u]my pattern flows better[/u], [u]I've seen other maps with this[/u]... etc, when they have explained each point with arguments. Provide always a [b]why[/b] while you reply to each suggestion. This helps us both to understand the purpose of the pattern and come to an agreement.
[*] I'll ignore your map if it ends being similar like this one:

[quote="My mom is naked"]Hi! Can you bubble my map? thanks![/quote]
Please, BNs are not objects. We have feelings and we don't like that other tell us what to do. What I do care if that's you write in the map like why should I mod your map, or what makes your map special to be ranked! Don't need to write a poem there though. xD To sum up, [b]never ask for icons.[/b] That's what we decide after modding the map.
[*] If I say [b]Call me back[/b], that means poke me back. In other words, please make sure to ask me for a recheck. These ones can be easily made in Forum PMs or in game since I know I modded the map and said that. In the rest of cases, [b]DO NOT ASK FOR A RECHECK[/b] ahhhhhhhh. ●︿●
[*] I don't know if this is explicit but only request one beatmap! Please. I also have a life as you do and I'm very slow at modding maps. ;w; Be sure you're patient because I do a lot of rechecks..., and when I say a lot, it's [b]A LOT[/b].
[*] [b]Hybrid Beatmaps:[/b] Be careful at requesting a mod from a map which has two or more game modes involved. It's unlikely to get a nomination from my side if the other game modes haven't been checked. In these cases, make sure you have [b]the Taiko/Ctb/Mania BN[/b] to be willingly to work together to push the map.
[*] Yes, you can post your friend's mapset here too. But please, make sure [b]it meets all the requirements stated above.[/b][/list][/box][box=Too many rules? Here's a simplified graphic version][strike]soon...[/strike] Done by Hokichi! Thank you very much! >w<
[img][/img][/box][box=FAQ][centre][b]FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS[/b]

Make sure to read carefully all the text below daring to ask me for a mod![/centre]

[list=A][*] [b]Can you mod my map? It's bubbled.
[/b][*] Yes. But I don't like to speed-rank things. Make sure it has passed 4 weeks since you submitted the map. No exceptions![/list]

[list=A][*] [b]Oh yeah, don't worry. My map has been modded many times so i don't think it is that bad.[/b]
[*] Yes. But take into account I'll pop the bubble if I find something which worries me to rank it.[/list]

[list=A][*] [b]Why haven't you modded my map if I asked you one hour ago? You said you were going to mod it.[/b]
[*] I'm sorry for I receive a lot of request per day so don't hurry up to mod your map. Be patient![/list]

[list=A][*] Oh, I couldn't pass the hardest diff. I'm sorry but I can't qualify something I can't play.
[*] [b]Oh, dude. You're so noob. It has been checked by [insert numbers or names of BNS here] before! It's not bad. [/b]
[*] I'm sorry, you can ask any of the other 30+ BNs we have for osu! standard. : )[/list]

[list=A][*] [b]Oh! I'm a new mapper! I'm glad you accepted my request! But why didn't you bubble after the mod, I applied everything from that long ass mod. Can you bubble it now?[/b]
[*] I'm really sorry, but I can't nominate your map. You need to put more effort on this map because I can't nominate it in the state it is. I modded it and highlighted the main issues upon your request. Try asking more people to polish it more and we can see later if it improved or not. [/list]

[list=A][*] Ok. It's ready. Congratulations for your [insert ordinal number here] map!
[*] [b]OMG THANKS ILU SO MUCH <3<3<3<3<three Btw, can you requalify/rebubble in case it gets DQ'ed?[/b]
[*] Yeah. But take in mind I'll recheck after the issue was addressed. So your patience will be appreciated, again! [/list][/box]

[centre][heading][b][color=#FF4040]When are you going to mod my map?[/color][/b][/heading][url=]Click here to see when it's your turn[/url][/centre]

[notice]If you're good at designing, it would be great if you could help out with these requests.
[list][*] A banner is needed. ;___;
[*] Graphic Modding Policy needs to be added. How to sum up the Modding Policy in images. Any idea is appreciated!
[*] Is there a way to make this queue more pretty. Any idea would be appreciated![/list][/notice]
[centre][spoiler]Appreciated means I can check give a quich check of your map at returning the favor! >w</[/spoiler][/centre]
Hi, nice to see new queues popping up, maybe you'll be able to mod this?

Name map(I suppose this means title?):Stargazer (Dj Shimamura Remix)
Author: P*Light ft. Yukacco
Number of difficulties: 1

Name map: Song name? "Hey World!"
Author: Kanon Wakeshima & Yuka Iguchi
Link: t/327949
Number of difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane

hey there,

See if you can help mod this set

Name map: Watashi, Shuyaku no Akaza Akari desu
Author: Akaza Akari(CV.Mikami Shiori)
Number of difficulties 5

mod whichever diffs you are able to, thanks so much in advance!
Hey, I would really appreciate if I'm lucky enough to get a mod~

Name map: Unhappy Refrain
Author: wowaka
Number of difficulties: 4

Mod whichever difficulties you want please
Welcome to the modding business. Don't overdo yourself ;)

Name map: Houkago Kakumei
Author (i think you mean artist): Houkago Rakuenbu
Number of difficulties: 9

Big set, so decide yourself what you want to mod. Thanks!
Hello, could you mod this please? :)

Name of map: Kuusou Forest
Author (artist?): Jin ft. Takumi Yoshida
Number of difficulties: 5

(You don't have to mod all of them; just mod the ones you're willing!)

Name map: Hard Knock Days (Anime OP Version)
Number of difficulties: 4

Only mod standard of course

Name map: Corn Nuts Commercial
Author: Good Steve & Bad Steve
Number of difficulties: 2

thanks :>
Name map: Chase You Down
Author: tyDi ft. RUNAGROUND
Number of difficulties: 3

Prefer a mod for all diffs.
Thanks in advance. :)
Name map: Magical*Styling
Author: Majikaru Patishie Kosaki Chan (CV:Hanazawa Kana)
Number of difficulties: 1

thanks :>
[ G h o s t ]
Name map: Paper Planes
Author:Virtual Riot
Number of difficulties
1 difficulty

  1. Name map: Party Time!
  2. Author: 61 Degrees
  3. Link:
  4. Number of difficulties: 6
  5. If the case you just need a mod for one diff, type here: If you don't want to do all of them please do Hard

Thanks in advance :)
Name map: Zettai Muteki Fallin' LOVE
Author: Chikyuboueibu
Number of difficulties: 4
Name map:rocket*ride
Author: Duca
Number of difficulties: 6(maybe you can choose to mod)

thx a lot <3
Hi there
Name map:Blow with the Fires
Author:Between August and December
Number of difficulties:4

Thanks in advance :3
Hello thar~

Map Name: Camellia - controlled dive
Author: dorothy3242 + WildOne94
Number of difficutlies: 1 (but it is a marathon)

Thank you if you do~ owo
Hello~ :)
Name map: Oni KYOKAN
Author: kradness & Reol
Number of difficulties: 2, Hard and Insane

Thanks~ :oops:
Title: Livin' A Double Life
Genre: Pop - English
Language: English
Length: 0:35
All diffs! Thank you :3
Name map: Numakura Manami - Make A Friendship
Author: 広川恵一(MONOKA)
Number of difficulties: 1
(Machi Special)

hope you will like it, thank in advance.
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