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Welp,since I've got all the graphical assets done I might as well do a proper release.
Anyways,this is what happens when I try to make something more simplistic-looking compared
to my other skins...

...By this I mean putting it off for a whole year before coming back to finish what I started.Yeah.

Still,what started as a genuine "I have no idea what I'm doing" ended up getting a circle theme,
so much so that I could rename this "osu!beat Ripples redux" and nobody'd bat an eyelid (just kidding)
No,this has nothing to do with Groove Coaster nor Tone Sphere.

As for the technicalities:
Some graphical assets for mania (namely the note graphics and the hit lightings) are from IIDX mania by TouchFluffyTail.
Cursor is from this thread
Hitsounds are from the ever so classic Kamui skin.(let's face it I'm terrible with making them myself)

> All of the following can be found in the "extra guff" folder <

As I didn't set out with a white+circle theme firmly in mind while making this skin,some of the semi-transparent-looking elements look out of place
compared to the rest of the skin.Therefore I've made some more-opaque versions of them,which can be found in the "alternative menus" folder.
Other assets in the folder are there in case the originals are too lightly coloured to show up properly.

Pretty self-explainatory.
Semi-transparent features a "thinner" version of the default hit circle with a semi-transparent centre
Hollow is one of them hollow hit circles everyone and their moms use these days
Ripples is an HD remake of the osu!beat Ripples hit circles from years ago (hey it fits the theme,don't judge me)

NOTE: If you want to use the Ripples hit circles,please open skin.ini and change HitCircleOverlayAboveNumber from 1 to 0,
or else the pattern on the hit circles will cover the number.

Basically Don-chan recoloured with a pair of headphones slapped on.
No HD graphics because I don't have the HD version of the Don-chan graphics I edited,sorry about that!

D e s
Groovy Sphere ? :P

Hm I think spinner should have centre point (dot, etc ..) easier to spin

not sure if the gray slider border visible to see with dim

I would suggest use 3 only color at most

looking forward to it! ~
I might have to use some elements of this skin, the hitcircles look really nice.
yeah, I agree, the spinner should have a center point, because I can't spin for life without one.
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Huh now I realized I accidentally replaced spinner-middle-2 with a transparent image.
Fixed the thing

Now about the slider borders,I set it to grey to match the hit circles,but they can be changed.
Should I go for a lighter colour or...?
umm "Stylish"?
I am just randomly think out of a word lol

oh 900 posts
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Sorry for the necro,but I finally got around in working on this thing again. ... _names.osk

Have a beta release (sort of)
Note that this version has only standard mode skinned,I'll get round to skinning taiko once I've figured out
how the new anchorings for taiko-bar-left works.

Not so sure about CTB,and I still have no idea how to skin mania though.

Anyways some more screenshots (I had a feeling the mod icons are a bit on the small side,but I wasn't very sure what to do with them)

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WIP for taiko mode

I still need to figure out something for the hitbursts tho.

Never mind I think I've got it
(Had to borrow taiko-bar-left elements from Muzikludo as a template for anchoring purposes)

Let's see if I'm arsed enough to skin CTB


And WIP for Mania as well

The judgement fonts are placeholders; I'll replace them later on,don't worry.
I'm keeping the notes tho.

Well shit,the more I work on this the more the semi-transparent bits look kind of out of place.
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Y'know what,sod it.
Have a proper release,check the first post.

EDIT:Quick update!

What's new:

>custom sounds
>two more extra hit circles
>Groove-don pippidon graphics

Same download links as before,by the way.

Goddamn I'm bad in this custom hitsounding thing help
^nah just kidding we Kamui hitsounds now^
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Bumpan with a quick update!

What's new:

>one more extra hit circle (thin hollow)
>Fixed configuration for mania 4-7 keys,added configuration for 9 keys
>changed default combo colours

Same download links,you know the drill.
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