[Guide] Solving the "This set is not owned by you" problem

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I'm kinda tired of this problem happening to come up in #modhelp literally every day, so I decided to try and write this.

So, there are 3 most often happening errors:
  1. Wrong content in the Beatmap creator field
  2. Wrong BeatmapSetID
  3. Mp3 file name starting with a number

The first one is easiest thing to check: you just go to the Song setup window and look at the Beatmap creator field.
This most often happens if you are making a new set out of an existing one or have recently changed your nickname.
The other two happen because of osu! glitches or a bit bad algorithm that creates a new beatmap out of an mp3 file.

Okay, now things get tricky. We are going to fix those issues.
  1. Select File - Open song folder in the editor.
  2. After that, go back to the osu! window and close the editor. When the editor is open, the map is loaded into RAM. If you don't close it, it will save what currently is in RAM on upload and overwrite the changes that we are going to make to the the .osu files.
  3. Return to the song folder.
  4. Check if your mp3 file starts with a number. If it does (for example, "01 Pony Dive.mp3"), then rename it to anything you like, then copy it to clipboard.
  5. Open the .osu file of your difficulty with Notepad.
  6. Find the [General] section. It's the first one
  7. If you renamed the .mp3 file, paste its new name into the AudioFilename field.
  8. Now search for [Metadata] section. It's the third one
  9. Find the Creator field and check if it contains your current nickname. If it doesn't (and check for every uncapitalized letter), correct it.
  10. Find the BeatmapID and BeatmapSetID fields and make sure they contain values "0" and "-1" respectively, like on the screenshot above.
  11. Close Notepad saving changes.
  12. If you have more difficulties than one, repeat with each difficulty file.
    Note: if you changed the mp3 file name, you might need to rename the song folder itself too, so it doesn't contain a number in the beginning of its name.
  13. Open the the map in the editor and check if you can upload it now. If you can't, double-check everything and then ask for help in either #help or #modhelp.

I hope this is gonna be helpful.
Any corrections would be appreciated.
3 months ago i created a thread about the same issue: t/309283
Now that i read through yours i found that the name of my mp3 began with numbers. I fixed it and everything else is ok but i still cant upload my map...
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Did you try asking for help in #modhelp or #help?
Do you need to have the osu! window itself open the whole process? but not in the editor window? :P
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WizzelingPoet wrote:

Do you need to have the osu! window itself open the whole process? but not in the editor window? :P
Just exit the editor so that it doesn't save the version of .osu file loaded in it when you try to upload again.
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