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Thanks for the modddd 8-)
Modding done:


00:00:115 (1,2) - Imperfect blanket.
00:00:632 (3) - Avoid starting sliders at red ticks. It's pretty clear that the strongerst beat of said slider is on the tail and not on the head. However, the player skips that in this instance. (Aside from gameplay, you may encounter qualification problems because of this).
00:02:528 (2) - I can't see why you would use such a high DS on this one. It is exactly the same as 00:02:011 (4) - which you have treated with relatively low DS.
00:02:873 (1,2) - Imperfect blanket.
00:04:425 - Make the player tap here. It feels weird in terms of rhythm consistency because they player taps on beats of the same nature before that.
00:04:252 (2,3) - Imperfect blanket. But I think you will have to remove the blanketed slider due to what I said previously.
00:04:597 (3,1) - If you can justify the use of high DS here, then you are in the clear. I see no way of doing so though because you jump from DS1 to DS2.5 without having the respective tension on the song.
00:03:908 (1,2,3,1,2,3,4) - To get a better glimpse of this section, listen to is as a whole, it has increased music volume and uses progressively higher-pitch audio samples. This results in increased tension which you don't actually represent. Using +0.2 DS for every new high-tension beat (and the ones after it) could do the trick.
00:05:632 (1) - This slider is the beginning of a new section. It's best to represent the difference in the chorus by using either broken flow or (best) a tad bit higher DS. In this case, you actually have lower DS compared to the previous hitobjects.
00:06:666 (5,1) - Imperfect blanket, ctrl+G (1) and see for yourself.
00:08:218 (6,1) - Same as before. I can tell you are using broken flow here, but it really is not enough for pointing out a new section to the player.
00:10:804 (4,3) - Move the note under the slider.
00:10:459 (3,2) - Bad overlap.
00:12:183 - Don't skip that beat.
00:12:356 (2,3) - Bad transition due to the slider shape. Forcing the player to make a right and then up after a left-diagonal movement is really forceful and not nice to play to.
00:12:528 (3,4) - Imperfect blanket.
00:16:149 (6,7) - Imperfect blanket.
00:17:183 (3,4) - Imperfect blanket.
00:21:839 (3,4,1,2) - Make this a perfect square.
00:22:011 (4,4) - Stack.
00:22:701 (4,5,6) - Use same DS.
00:23:046 (6,7) - Same forceful pattern. Right diagonal flow and then down-left movement because of slider.
00:28:390 (5,6) - No reason for that much of DS here. Nerf it a bit. Vocals in this case have lower tension in relation to the instruments, don't focus on them that much.
00:28:563 (6,7) - Bad transition due to the slider shape.
00:29:252 (2,4) - Stack them, they do the same overlap effect due to stacking leniency but it looks better.
00:30:804 (2,3) - Be really careful with flow like this. Up-right diagonal and then up-a-bit-left feels forceful again. Check out other instances of the same pattern and polish them accordingly.
00:31:494 (5,3) - Touchy touchy.
00:33:563 (2,3) - This is a good concept for creating linear flow after circular, but the problem here lies within the position of the slider. The player is forced to make the linear transition by himself which honestly does not feel good. Instead, it would be best to move the slider a bit to the left, let's say, (446,264) without altering the slidershape and angle though. This way, you are the one guiding the player to go up. (Make sure to change the note's placement after you change the slider though).
00:34:252 (5,6) - You could use an antijump here instead of 00:34:425 (6,1) - here since these beats sound more or less the same.
00:38:390 (5,6,1) - This is too sudden because you have not made the player familiar with such rhythms from the earlier part of your map, I can see many people braking combo there, not only because it's the first time they encounter such a pattern, but also because of the way you have created this pattern in terms of hitobject placement, try moving (6,1) at (45,170) and testplay it, you will get what I mean. I highly suggest you remove the note though because it's actually not mapping anything. If you remove it, make sure to use some more spacing between the two sliders because there is quite a major beat on the white tick.
00:40:977 (6,7,8) - You just killed the nice flow created by the star pattern by this zig-zag flow. Try recreating your pattern by placing 00:40:977 (6) - at (168,224). (I suggest going with an zig-zag pattern if you do this). It will create a more user-friendly flow.
00:42:873 (1,2,1) - Not sure if it's a good idea to skip the red ticks on this part. Ask a BN about it.
00:48:046 (7) - Try and represent the tension on this slider's head a bit more.
00:49:770 (1,2,3) - They are not in a perfect straight line.
00:51:839 (5,2) - Nazi imperfect blanket.
00:54:080 (2,3,4) - Rotate by 10 degrees keep selection center as origin.
00:58:735 (2,3) - Why do overlaps here? You can easily avoid them on this part.
01:00:804 - Make the player tap here.
01:05:977 (6) - Before this circle you are only using the top part of the screen. Make sure you always variate between different screen areas.
01:05:287 (5,1) - Bad overlap. It's kinda cool though since it's not actually visible in-game. (I would personally do something about it).
01:17:528 (2) - Before that note you are using the right part of the screen a lot. Again, make sure you variate between different screen areas.
01:19:942 (10,1) - Spacing does not really justify the tension which exists on (1). It's pretty obvious, isn't it?
01:22:873 (1,2,3,4) - Not sure how I feel about these slider, they don't look bad but they also could look better.
01:33:046 (4,5,6) - Use lower DS.
01:35:287 (1,2,3,4,5) - Looks aesthetically bad and you also use high DS when the drop hasn't actually come yet.
01:38:046 (1,2) - That's mean. Since they are on the end of a stream, people will most probably read them as 1/4 and not as 1/2.
01:40:200 (7,8) - Forceful flow due to the slidershape. Try removing the slider and replacing it's tail with a not. (Don't place the note where the tail is right now though).
01:40:632 (1,2,3,4) - Avoid overlapping so much, even if it fits the song, there is always an alternative. (Just an example, you don't need to change that).
01:41:839 (6,1) - Are you trying to blanket?
01:42:701 (2,3,4) - Rhythmically inconsistent, you use a slider for the same audio samples which you represent with a note and a slider afterwards.
01:43:563 (5,6) - Lower DS.
01:43:735 (6,1) - Huge jump, I can't tell why you would do that. Nerft it.
01:47:011 (7,8) - Higher DS here, make sure you bring out kicks and snares.
01:49:597 (2,3,1) - Make sure you can explain why you used such DS. You will be asked to when the time for ranking comes. (Nerf jumps).
01:53:046 (4,1) - Mhm. You can tell that you need higher DS here. Broken flow is not really enough.
01:53:735 (2,3,4) - Bad overlap.
01:54:770 (1) - Slider on red tick = Weird DS because no tension + Skip major beat on tail. See? Red ticks are enemies with sliders (Most of the times).
01:55:546 (2) - What are you mapping? Make sure you use what the song provides you with to create your beatmap.
01:54:770 (1,5) - Try stacking those by moving the note, it created a more user-friendly flow. Make sure to preposition the incoming stream though.
01:57:011 (6,1) - Are you trying to blanket?
01:57:873 (3,4,5) - You used high spacing on (3,4) which kinda works because there is a strong beat on 4, but you used lower on (4,5) which makes no sense because there are strong beats on both 4 and 5. Furthermore, the strongest beat here is on 5, make sure you use higher DS than what you did with (3,4). This might require you to lower the DS on (3,4).
02:01:149 (1,2) - Compare with 01:39:080 (3,4) -. You not only used different hitobjects, but also different DS on rhythms that are literally the same.
02:03:218 (4,5) - Same forceful pattern, this is actually worse because the cursors movement is slowing down due to the stream. The player need to go slightly up-right to transit into the triplet with a big jumps, which means there must be faster cursor movement. Then he must make a sharp turn further to the right while slowing down in order to complete the triplet. If it sounds complicated in a text, imagine having to play it. It feels unfitting and really forceful.
02:03:735 - Make the player tap here.
02:11:063 (8) - Remove, there is nothing to be mapped here.
02:15:201 (9) - Remove, there is nothing to be mapped here.
02:18:218 (2,3) - Weird transition into the stream due to the note's position.
02:18:735 (7,8,9) - Bad flow, you transit into smooth flow created by the stream into really sharp creating by the (8,9) jump.
02:19:080 (9,1) - Imperfect blanket.
02:21:149 (3,4) - Bad flow, you do exactly the opposite from before. You transit from square-like patterns that require linear flow with snappy turns to complete into a weird transition into the smooth-curvy stream pattern. Sudden alternations between flows are weird both in terms of mapping and in terms of gameplay.
02:21:839 (9,10,1) - Use (10,1) as an extension of (9).
02:22:959 - Don't skip that beat.
02:26:321 (1,2,3) - Nerf DS a tad bit.
02:28:218 (4,5) - I suggest using a 1/4 slider instead and then a note in order to emphasize the last piano tile better. This way, you will be able to make another triplet in order to map 02:28:477 - which actually contains a beat. Something like this for example would be much better. Here is the exact pattern I used.
02:31:839 (1) - Remove middle anchor. Rotate by 13 and keep selection center as the origin. That's better.
02:33:735 (3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) - Such a weird pattern, not sure if it will fly on the qualification process. Flow also breaks too suddenly and there is a huge-ass jump in the middle of it. I suggest redoing it.
02:44:252 - Try setting SV at 0,85 here. Smaller sliders feel and look better while playing fast but quiet parts.
02:45:287 (1,2) - Don't use sliders here. If you do, you treat different vocals the same away as you did with the previous ones. I suggest replacing them with notes instead.
02:45:460 (2,1) - Big jump for no apparent reason. (Holly..
02:49:770 (2,3) - Stack at the tail. Just a suggestion, but I think it will be better this way. It's fine now too though.
02:51:149 (1) - Take it out of there, take advantage of the screen area you have. Move to (191,98) or something.
02:55:804 (4) - Move close to (198,83) which is kind of what the flow suggests since the player leaves from a vertical-upper flow, it would only make sense for the next object to be above the previous one. Not much though.
03:00:804 (2,3) - This is why your other pattern of the same nature as this one works. Because this one works fine too.
03:01:494 (3) - Try moving at (273,260) use notes that are close to sliders as an extension of them. This way they look good and also play nice.
03:02:183 (1) - Rotate by 90 degrees, Ctrl+H and place at (132,288). Respect the flow you have created with the previous pattern and don't force the player to break it mid-way to transit into another hitobject.
03:13:218 - Make the player tap here.
03:16:666 - Don't skip.
03:18:391 (1,2) - Same as 02:45:287 (1,2) - Better use notes.
03:29:425 (1,2) - And same as the above.
03:29:425 (1,2,1,2) - Too cramped and many bad-looking overlaps here. I hope you have enough space to fix this. If not, leave it be.
03:32:356 (7,1) - Same instance as 00:33:563 (2,3) -. I could-copy paste what I wrote but I would feel bad.
03:36:839 (2) - Ctrl+G. You have already broken the flow too many times.
03:40:804 (1) - Very bad in terms of rhythmical consistency. You map this section very differently that how you do 00:55:287 (1) - here. Take this seriously into consideration and probably redo the second one. First one is alright. It's ok to map the same stuff a bit differently, if it fits; but in this case, you map it like the two sections like they are not related at all. In case you are really stubborn and think that you can explain why you mapped it differently, then:
03:44:597 - Don't skip.
03:51:149 - Make the player tap here.
03:58:046 (2) - Use noted with the same spacing as 03:57:011 (5,1) -.
04:10:977 (5,1) - Again, not sure how I feel about this type of slider. I think I should point them out though.
04:24:597 (1) - See why I told you not to use sliders here before? ;D
04:25:632 (4) - The beat is here, not 04:25:804 (5) - here. Use the respective DS.
04:26:321 (1) - Emphasize that a bit more with higher DS. While broken flow might work, doing it too frequently makes your map unpleasant to pay because... You break the flow too much.
04:28:046 (2) - Screams for 2 notes instead of slider.
04:29:425 (2) - Same.
04:30:459 (1,2,3,4) - Use some more DS on these in general.
04:30:804 (2) - Also use 2 notes instead of slider.
04:33:563 (2) - Same
04:35:115 (1,2,1) - I see you are stacking with a random 2, two combos back. But I suggest moving the triplet a bit further away.
04:34:942 (3,1,2,1,2,3,4,1) - If you do, make sure to bring the whole next pattern with it.
04:37:184 (5,1) - You keep emphasizing stuff with broken flow. Too much is too bad.
04:37:356 (1,2) - Nerf the jump here a bit. There is not much tension on (2) to justify it.
04:41:839 (2) - Screams for 2 notes instead of slider, again.
04:44:339 (1) - Don't close kiai during this slider. There is no point in doing so.
04:46:666 (1,2) - You know about the slider, but I also wanted to point out that what you do with the kiai here won't be really liking to BAT members, not to mention QAT members.
04:50:115 (2) - Notes instead of slider.
04:50:459 (3,5,1) - Too cramped, looks bad because of the triple overlap.
04:59:770 (2) - Notes instead of slider.
05:02:528 (2) - Notes instead of slider. I am saying this so you can take better advantage of the beat on the slider's tail.
05:02:528 (2,5) - Asymmetrical.
05:07:356 (1) - Nerf it just a bit. You have already expressed the tension even if you use DS2.5.
05:08:735 (2,3) - You might have problems due to unclear slider path.
05:09:597 (4) - Please use notes instead of slider here, even if you didn't do so before.
05:10:114 (1) - And here.
05:11:321 (1) - And here. 05:11:149 (5) - You could use a slider here if you want to.
05:16:666 (2) - Find a way to bring that beat out a bit more so it's not the same compared to the other ones.
05:17:873 (3) - Notes please.
05:20:115 (1) - I feel like this needs to be Ctrl+G'd. After moving down so much because of the previous patterns, I expected to move up now.
05:28:390 (1) - Stack at the last slider's tail. It seems more natural that way and not forcing the player to make even such a small jump.


- Reduce stack leniency to 4. Many patterns will be better with it.
- Recheck all green lines and remove those that are not used.
- I highly suggest that you use AR9 here. Some patterns are a bit harder to read than they are supposed to be.
- Disable widescreen support.
- You've got 2 images in the song's folder. Pick just one and delete the other.

Hit me up in-game if you need anything.
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the longest mod i have ever seen in my life.

thank-you 1000x over Exa <3
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Taking a small break from this set since I need to remap a few sections and i'm a bit stressed out lol

back in a few days, still taking mods 8-)
You Should make a Hard Difficulty or normal or an extra difficulty and it would be great for me! I'll be happy if you add this :) And it will allow me to play one of my favourite song composers song!
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Unfortunately I can't really beatmap easier difficulties :o

My friend Secretpipe maps lots of DnB similar to this and has a bunch of maps ranked, i'd go check his maps out if i were you 8-)

- Moki :

  1. Why this diff name ? There is any realtion with the song or something ?
  2. You have some unnused greelines, check them and remove them (like 03:57:528 - ).
  3. From start to 00:22:183 - your hitsounds are too low ! I can barely hear them and close to nothing at 10%. 20% is really the minimum !!! Also your fist greenline is useless you could put volume and hitsound directly with timing point.
  4. For the same part, you have huge inconsistency with spacing on different pattern. For example, 00:02:011 (4,5,1,2,3,1) - you increase spacing here, but for 00:07:701 (3,4,5,6,1) - who is the SAME music pattern, you use your standard spacing without jumps. It makes all this part really inconsistency and drop the quality play for this part, so try to clean a little this part from this kind of mistake.
  5. 00:24:856 (7) - / 00:27:270 (6) - / ect...what are you mapping exactly ? I can't hear something on these places.
  6. 00:45:287 (3,4) - This one have a different spacing than 00:44:252 (1,2) - but this is the same pattern on same music pattern, fix it.
  7. 01:04:597 (3,4) - This is really stupid, and anti fun. I see you want to make 01:04:942 - clickable, but this play poorly and you don't even did it for 01:05:287 (5) - who have the same sound. So remove 01:04:942 (4) - and extend 01:04:597 (3) - .
  8. 01:15:632 (3,4) - ^
  9. 01:42:183 (1,2) - Wow this flow really ? 01:42:701 (2) - should be more around 360:256 imo. Also try to stack with 01:41:666 (5,2) - .
  10. 01:53:735 (2,4) - Why not avoid overlap here for more clarty ?
  11. 02:06:494 (7) - CTRL+G whould make such a better flow here.
  12. 02:34:511 (10) - Clearly an overmapping here, there is nothing on the music.
  13. 03:17:356 (1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1) - Cool, but too dense for this calm part, it don't fit at all. Simple circle on 1/4 tics is enough and emphasis much better this part of the music.
  14. 03:28:390 (1,2,1,2,1,1,1,2) - ^
  15. Also the calm part suffer the same hitsounds problem than start, this not enough loud. Also try to find a hitsound to silence slider tics too.
  16. 03:38:046 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2) - Overmapping. The 1/4 is only on from 03:38:563 - to 03:38:908 - .
  17. 05:13:390 (5) - Aeeeehhh what is this jump ? Toooooo huge when you compare to this part. Also inconsistent with all your other pattern who don't have a such spacing / jump on similar part.

That's all.
Hi :3 take my kudosu XD is a good map :3 i like it
Topic Starter

I need to remap soon, feels like too much work :?
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Nozhomi, difficulty name is me and Moph's name combined.

Moph Kuki
RIP 69sp 8-)
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lmao cheers for the kudosu br0o0o0 8-)

doing a placeholder ;_;
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00:04:252 (2,3) I think a circle here 00:04:425 and 00:04:597 would fit better than those 2 sliders. It fits more with the melodics
00:12:528 (2) Those melodics 00:12:701 should be clickable. They shouldnt be on the end of a slider
00:17:183 (3,1) They are a bit too close to each other. Doesnt look nice
00:20:287 (1,2,3,1) Youre ignoring some stron clickable melodics again
00:23:218 (7) I'd move this one around 336/216 for a better triangle
00:55:287 (1) Its just me though, but i think this slider looks somehow out of place, there are way better shapes than this
01:00:459 (2) Moving this one too 320/80 would look neater since its kinda blank with 01:00:115 (1)
01:22:873 (1,2,3,4) Its just me again, but i dont like sliders shaped like that, i think curvy sliders would look cool here
01:39:080 (3,4) NC sicne youve changed the SV, otherwise people wont know there is a sv change
01:43:218 (4) This one just straight would look cool imo
01:57:356 (1,2) Why the low DS here? Doesnt fit since you havent done this once before
01:57:873 (1,2) ^
02:25:459 (3,4,5,6,7) Streams like this are always shitty to follow, maybe something else?
02:35:115 (3,4,5,6,7) ^ (Really, they are just weird to play)
02:57:356 Unused inherited point
03:02:873 ^
03:07:356 ^
03:08:390 ^
03:17:615 ^
03:17:959 ^
03:18:304 ^
03:18:477 ^
03:18:649 ^
03:28:649 03:28:994 03:29:339 03:29:511 ^
03:54:683 ^
03:57:528 03:57:959
05:08:735 (2,3) I dont know if this is okay, you can barely see them under the circles.

Cool Beatmap and nice Hitsounding! :3

Good Luck~
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muki lmao

thanks for the mod doodaloo 8-)

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moph wrote:

o tfw i thought i got ur changes
this is the only mitis map (other than open window) that I feel is actually mapped to the music, gl with ranking :)
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Wow, thanks! Means a lot 8-)
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