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There's no reason to cause any sort of drama about Disqualifications or certain maps being Qualified. If a map is disqualified, you do not have to say sorry to the mapper. Think of it as "oh well, this actually could have been improved" or "lets help find other sort of errors to improve your mapset even more!" Even can think of it as "instead of doing this differently, try this a different way." Maps do not have to be one specific way at all, there are a countless ways of improving maps or changing things around for the better good. Disqualifications are not bad at all for the community if you really think about it. The point of qualified is to test out if the map is ready for ranked, if not for even a slight error, then let it be so. The disqualifications are for improving maps in general and not as a "your map sucks" and we shouldn't get a "this is a wrong disqualification, lets riot" sort of deal. This is what we are supposed to do as Beatmap Nominators. Even if we aren't a Team, we are still a group of people that need to work together as a team to improve the game and gameplay of maps.

We are here to test if maps are ready and are in tip-top shape. If something goes wrong that the QATs don't like, then continue improving the map. We're here to help mappers progress, even the QATs are. Even the most skilled mappers should have some room for improvement in areas they aren't so sure about.

tl;dr: You don't have to say sorry for a map getting disqualified, you can keep working with the mapper and they don't have to find new BNs, just help them with their maps even more. The same BNs can bubble/qualify the same maps, disqualifications aren't a bad thing at all, and we shouldn't have to feel guilty for messing up with a qualification since we can continue to help the mapper if we so choose to.

PSA inspired by peppy
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