[resolved] Editor sprite library rotating with other pics

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I have no clue how to fix it. people in chat were useless to the point where I might as well be talking to a rock.
basically the images keep rotating with one another and its annoying to say the least, also I cant actually select the image I WANT on the rotating sprites...

Video or screenshot showing the problem: http://puu.sh/gumHo/0652320327.avi

osu! version: 20150305 (latest)
When a sprite has a number '0' at the end of the filename, in this case SB PICTURE 10.png, and there are another sprites with continuing numbers (SB PICTURE 11, 12, 13, and so on) the sprites will be regarded as a set of animations. The simplest solution to this is to change the 0 into something else, like with the letter O.
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Thank you for the clearup! honestly why does modhelp exist lmao
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