WAWA - Unsteadily

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Sunday, April 20, 2008 at 5:23:53 PM

Artist: WAWA
Title: Unsteadily
BPM: 155.99
Filesize: 5767kb
Play Time: 04:03
Difficulties Available:
  1. Hard (4.25 stars, 400 notes)
Download: WAWA - Unsteadily
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Another Beatmap Factory Alpha production. And also another Audition song.

2:30 of it is done. I may end there, or I may finish it later, we'll see.

A hard rating may be an overstatement, but there are some tricky sliders, so whatever.

Anyway, enjoy. I may compress the mp3 to save a bit of size later.

-- Wow. I'm sitting here, waiting for the map to finish uploading when I looked at my clock-- 2:30 PM. Freaky.

5/3 Edit: Mapped a little bit more, still doesn't end at a good spot, but hopefully this will do.

4/4 Edit: As per Cecil's request, map has been FULLY respaced. This also means new patterns and placement.

5/4 Edit: After bumping maps, I tend to play them in the editor since it's already opened, so when I bumped this, I slightly moved a few notes and etc. But most importantly, I mapped the rest of the song. In the process it lost .30 stars. ;) Bring on the complaints about those stacked beats at the end. :P
Umm... Ummm... I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna bubble it. It's not too hard. It's timed and spaced well. It seems like the type of map that's fun for all sorts of players. I don't see a reason NOT to bubble it.

If a more experienced mod wants another difficulty or thinks the timing is off by a fraction of a ms in the offset, then so be it.

It takes two, after all.
Great song, and map. This has to be one of my favorite of yours now, but the list is so long.

I just.. can't rank this :( The sliders are too much for a beginner.
I stand by my bubble. I find this map a lot easier than a few ranked maps.
Sliders are really confusing for me :P
Fa-fa-fa-pretty fun beatmap. Two things I think need a bit of changing:

One: There's a couple spots where notes are placed close together, but overlap one another in a sloppy manner. Stack or reorganize them in my opinion.
Two: Slider cluttering. Things like 13:45 aren't bad, but I think some of the sliders should be broken into tap-stacks. If not sections like this one, at least do it at 24:80's little slider stream or I feel it won't be acceptable as a hard map, because it's too cluttered in these spots.

While I like the fact that single-difficulty maps are much easier/faster to moderate, I'm also going to be a whore and stand by the no-bubble-until-more-difficulties requirement.

Don't blame me if this gets deranked, however.

Saturos wrote:


Don't blame me if this gets deranked, however.
Dood if you're going to pass the buck and make us blame someone else you gotta say who we're going to blame instead of you. We can't blame NULL.

Kay. Blame awp if this gets deranked.
On second thought I do not facilitate nor do I condone these irrational and hasty actions. Furthermore

I should actually update my copy of this file and find out whether or not I actually found it satisfactory apart from one difficulty...can always rank a second~

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EiJi I had given Peppy a list of IDs which I wanted removed many months ago...and at that time, this was one of them. All rankings were lost, but aside from that, it's back.

Fuck off eiji. Please ask before you do stuff like this. First warning - if it happens again your mod permissions are going byebye.

Edit: Scores restored as they were yesterday. New scores are gone.
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