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Anime North is an anime convention located in Toronto, Canada, that celebrates anime, manga, music, games and all other forms of Japanese Culture!

Anime North will be the weekend of May 22 - 24, 2015 at the Toronto Congress Centre, International Plaza Hotel, and Sheraton Toronto Airport Hote

Questions about the con? Want to discuss your plans? Cosplay? This thread is for anything AN2015!l

Method of communication

This forum thread
Skype Group

Meet ups

1. Saturday, May 23 - 5pm right outside the front of the Sheraton
2. Throughout the day (spontaneous) - CHECK SKYPE GROUP FOR ANNOUNCEMENTS

osu! Stations

Azer wrote:

Hey guys, we're about done planning the osu! setups in the sheraton, there will be 2 stations to play on. We have a red switch and a blue switch keyboard there as well as 2 tablets (osu!tablet & my CTL470)
You are free to bring your own mouse/headphones/skin on a USB stick! Especially mouse if you are a mouse player as we don't have any gaming mice.

Anime North Attendance List

  • 1. apaffy
    2. Azer
    3. blissfulyoshi
    4. Bok Choi
    5. Byakugan249
    6. Callum
    7. Contralyss
    8. Coookiezi
    9. captin1
    10. Cethin
    11. Ciao
    12. danielhanick
    13. deween
    14. FlamingRok
    15. Flandredevil9
    16. oOFrostOo
    17. Giralda
    18. Glepnir
    19. Gundam-Dude
    20. halomaster777X
    21. Haneii
    22. IMSparrow
    23. Ironsoul27
    24. Jintai
    25. jonathanlfj
    26. Julie
    27. Justykanna
    28. Kaetwo
    29. Kannagi Miyabi
    30. Kibbleru
    31. Kitsunemimi
    32. KRZY
    33. KyTheGuy
    34. Layne
    35. LengaJenga
    36. LovestruckDerpy
    37. LunarSakuya
    38. Lytessill
    39. meiikyuu
    40. Mercuryhammer
    41. mm201
    42. nanerb555 (MethClass)
    43. Navizel
    44. noahstorm
    45. NTRRR
    46. Nyquill
    47. pkk
    48. pmonibuv1
    49. Princess
    50. RamenOtaku
    51. Shiro-
    52. Syus
    53. -Soba-
    54. Staiain
    55. those
    56. Toke
    58. TrickMirror
    59. truonant
    60. Trust
    61. - [ U z z I ] -
    62. Ven
    63. Volkke
    64. Weez
    65. YodaSnipe
    66. Yoshi_green
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So who else missed the early bird discount?

5000 passes in under 2 days!

At this rate weekend passes might sell out months before the con >.>
I sadly missed the early bird discount as well, but tbh, plane and hotel tickets make the early bird savings near pointless (at least for me anyway)
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oooh, are you joining us again this year, Bliss? :D
Well I bought tickets.... but haven't arranged transportation + hotel, and as I stated before, the ticket price is pretty much disposable in comparison.
Completely not sure, but I think my friend got me hooked up with hotel rooms.

edit- never mind, just bought my tickets.
Getting my tickets as soon as my school's anime club gets them

I'm cosplaying as the girl in my avatar!


EDIT: ticket bought :)
you know damn well i'm heading to AN :D. i sent my confirmation form today so yea :P
Anyone getting there early on the 22nd, trying to plan how early my flight should be? Also, airplane tickets are quite cheap this year, my hotel + flight is 400 usd cheaper than last year.
Got my weekend tickets when it said on the website 4000 were sold out. I'm pretty sure they all sold out by like 7pm on the first day
orz i might not get the weekend pass if this keeps up :(
I have heard there is a legendary trap in Anime North that comes there every year from a source that has the initials of JS. I'll be booking my flights just to see this trap for as I never experienced what a legendary trap is and I hope this trap be good. I hope this better be a good trap like Mirror Force.
might go this year \:D/
Did anyone book a hotel already, it will be cool if we can meet up in each other's rooms...

Weez wrote:

might go this year \:D/
As might I, along with my girlfriend. Mostly her idea to go this year lol.

blissfulyoshi wrote:

Did anyone book a hotel already, it will be cool if we can meet up in each other's rooms...
I booked a hotel with some friends.
Oh sorry I wasn't clear, I just wanted to know what hotels ppl were staying in. I am already planning to book a room myself.

blissfulyoshi wrote:

Oh sorry I wasn't clear, I just wanted to know what hotels ppl were staying in. I am already planning to book a room myself.
Ah, I think my friends booked one at the Hilton. I have no idea. I'll see. Which one are you planning to book a stay in?
Well prices just went up for Briston, so I guess Hilton it is for me. (Didn't like my stay the last time, but whatever, just a hotel)
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I've booked a couple places (including one of the Hiltons/garden)

Btw, that Westin just carries the name and doesn't really feel like one. Lower stared hotels near the area fair much better in looks and available services. The service there was okay and friendly, but considering the rate each night, it's pretty annoying that I had to pay so much extra for things like parking and wifi (Also, that was over the summer and not during the AN. Just like most hotels during AN, they'll increase their prices a bit during con weekend).
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