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Since many people like to give unrelated and stupid answers or to ruin a thread completely I'd like to remind you that you all agreed to follow the Rules and those may NOT be broken under ANY circumstance. This forum should be used to get advice and feedback, talking about Ranks and how to improve. If you feel like you want to act like an idiot, then count on a long silence and posts removed with the possibility of the thread being locked.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Q: How do I become better?
    A: This question has been asked million of times and is too vague to give a reasonable answer to. You'll become better over time if you keep playing and practicing. Instead to ask 'how to become better', try asking more specific things like 'What maps are good pracitice for streaming?' Don't expect too much if you're still a beginner, or get stressed when you make no progress. Just remember to take breaks from time to time; In most cases people play a lot better after a break.
  2. Q: Why did I drop in rank when I made it up with a good score/or received pp?
    A: The reason is that other players overtook you while you played. That looks like you dropped for good ranks or pp gain which is wrong. If you want to know more about the pp system or to ask about it then I recommend to take a look on Tom's thread.
  3. Q: Do I need a Tablet to become better? Or a mechanical keyboard?
    A: No. The purchase of a Tablet or better computer equipment such as a mechanical keyboard won't make you any better. It CAN give you a safer feeling while playing which is the own preference and not related to your hardware.

Oh and one more thing: This forum isn't made for personal diaries and blogs. Instead, move your progress experience to your userpage, or post in the dedicated achievement thread. We do not want the forum to be filled with achievements threads potentially containing shit posts for lack of better discussion.

If you wonder if your question has been already asked, then take a look on this thread or on jesus1412's thread. It saves you to be flooded by stupid and brainless comments. It also would be helpful to avoid asking all these questions again since there won't be any better answers to these questions. It also prevent us having more terrible stupid posts and to go off-topic.

If you find an inappropriate post use the report post button on the top right corner of the post to report it to GMT.

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