himmel - Sakura.Ka.Sai OFF VOCAL.

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2024年5月5日 at 22:31:59

Artist: himmel
Title: Sakura.Ka.Sai OFF VOCAL.
Tags: Aquatrax electronic instrumental himmeltengoku Tsukuyomi baldrace
BPM: 140
Filesize: 8470kb
Play Time: 04:25
Difficulties Available:
  1. Checkmate (5.14 stars, 1331 notes)
Download: himmel - Sakura.Ka.Sai OFF VOCAL.
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
#18 ranked map
use high quality mp3, redownload after 2024/5/5
thanks ttm for some hitsounds samples

play with ez mod to get best fun
whisper of rose by himmel

the spinner splits the diff, before it is the part which i mapped in 2014
after it is the part which i mapped in 2024

audio by himmeltengoku
just a quick IRC check

03:51 Tsukuyomi: kodora
03:51 *Tsukuyomi is listening to [ himmeltengoku - Saku.Ka.Sai Accompaniment Ver.]
03:51 Tsukuyomi: try it
03:54 Kodora: ok
04:00 Kodora: spec me
04:00 Tsukuyomi: k
04:02 Kodora: .
04:02 Kodora: you have new mp3?
04:02 Tsukuyomi: yea
04:02 Kodora: ..that's why offset was like 99999mslate >_>
04:03 Tsukuyomi: idk
04:04 *Kodora is playing [ himmeltengoku - Saku.Ka.Sai Accompaniment Ver. [Insane]]
04:04 Kodora: spec now
04:06 Kodora: hah
04:06 Tsukuyomi: maybe because of the BPM
04:06 Kodora: I thought you going to make it with chinese old-style
04:06 Kodora: I still feel offset weird actually..
04:08 Kodora: ok I got what was the problem
04:08 Kodora: your custom hitnormal
04:09 Tsukuyomi: it is delayed?
04:09 Kodora: [ yes it is]
04:09 Kodora: 10 ms of delay
04:10 Tsukuyomi: wtf i used it in belladonna
04:10 Kodora: rip beladonna
04:10 Kodora: ..remember I asked you to check timing on beladonna for thousands times?
04:10 Kodora: >_>
04:10 Kodora: dabao yomi
04:11 Tsukuyomi: but finally no one told me the custom hitsound is delay
04:11 Tsukuyomi: can you fix it?
04:12 Kodora: yes I can
04:16 Kodora:
04:16 Kodora: this one have no delay
04:17 Kodora: ok map is good
04:17 Kodora: 00:07:518 (4,5) - this antijump is pretty jarring, map it with new combo at least
04:18 Tsukuyomi: i think it's fine
04:18 Tsukuyomi: ar 8.8 is enough high to make it readable
04:18 Kodora: 00:27:018 (6,7) - also very large & unfitting jump
04:19 Kodora: I missed here twice, it's extremely hard to read it properly
04:19 Kodora: reduse it at least a bit pls
04:20 Tsukuyomi: i will consider about it
04:22 Tsukuyomi: the cuttingedge osu is shit
04:22 Kodora: yes
04:22 Tsukuyomi: but i can't upload map normally with stable
04:22 Kodora: 00:33:660 (8,9,10) - can you please change form of this stack?
04:23 Kodora: as you made it it looks quite out of place as this is the only stack which was made like this
04:24 Tsukuyomi: no >_>
04:24 Kodora: 00:42:875 - 00:44:589 - I really don't like how triplets sounds here
04:24 Kodora: it's just doesn't fit the music
04:25 Kodora: 00:46:303 - 00:48:018 - ^
04:25 Kodora: well same to all similiar parts
04:25 Kodora: map is nice but these parts just feels off
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