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hi agu
Hi agu
I could play on TWC, but I am not sure if I am able to participate becuse of multiacc bann. I do not know if it has been a year since the ban, so yea. :c
RIP MWC and TWC :ccccc
Hell yeah, that sounds awfully fun. :D

e: Bi-national teams aren't allowed though.
I should join! LOL xD
Yukiteru Amano
I hope Sweden will have a team! Carry us Bnyuu! :D

Yukiteru Amano wrote:

I hope Sweden will have a team! Carry us Bnyuu! :D
I'll do my best

K i u i wrote:

e: Bi-national teams aren't allowed though.
There was a skandi team for the TWC:LMS 2014 tournament though, so i believe it should be ok for the normal TWC aswell.

Also yea I guess I could join in case we need more players.
Yukiteru Amano
I asked Loctav if a skandi team was possible this year and his response was "Nope, sorry." So there will most likely be no bi-national teams :(
The team registration for this TWC has been changed so that each player must individually sign themselves up, leaving the team compiling to the tournament staff.
So if you want to play in this tournament, please keep in mind that you do have to register yourself, and it won't be done by the team captain like in previous years.

TWC Wiki Page
Heck, I'll sign up. Just for fun rlly.
That sounds pretty meh honestly. I can understand the reason, but personally I wouldn't sign up for a tournament if I'm not aware of what teammates I would potentially have to play with in advance.

Regardless, since a Scandinavian team is not allowed, I'll move this topic out of announcements.
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this thread wasn't intended to be for a bi-national team though, was mostly just for people from scandi making a team, but it's kinda null at this point because of how you sign up
Yukiteru Amano
Kommer det vara densamma för CWC också?
Probably will, Yuki
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