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Before we even get into it I know there's atleast two previous threads regarding this issue which both seem to be dead threads (/t/177941) but I believe this needs to get brought up again since it's still an occuring issue which haven't been resolved yet/weren't resolved by the old thread and it's the function with hidden scores in Osu!.

Now some of you may wonder what I'm talking about with hidden scores and hidden scores are scores of users that have gotten banned (gone into hidden mode or whatever you call it.) where the score is still intact despite the user getting banned (caught hacking just to take an example.) and this is where I believe that the biggest issue is/lies with the whole hidden scores feature, the fact that your scores still remains and is counted despite you getting caught hacking and your name is removed from leaderboards.
An example of this is https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/2253320 where a user was reported and then disappeared from the leaderboards but his #1 still remained intact despite him entering hidden mode/getting banned.
We can bring up another example just to make it a bit more obvious in case the issue weren't understood with the first printscreen/explanation and thats Subbie's score on Airman where he appears to be #12 on the leaderboards (https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/2253202) while he in fact is #28 and I can bet anything that atleast 1 of those 16 scores were an obvious hacker that got caught cheating and got banned.

I understand those users that are hidden for reasons that aren't hacking/cheating that their scores remains intact but lets be honest if some user is hidden for some other reason that isn't related to gameplay his/her scores might aswell appear on the leaderboard/you might aswell make those scores not being hidden since those would be users put into hidden mode for other causes.

Those who gets banned/caught hacking, I see absolutely no reasons why their scores should NOT be instantly removed. I've personally reported several different hackers going after some #1's of mine which have lead to bans where it have been crystal clear cases and even if that being months ago some of those users have gotten banned, their scores have still remained intact and I've appeared as #2 on those maps even if it looks like I'm #1 on it. See this album to understand more what I'm talking about here and why I may be frustrated with this hidden score function like it is right now : http://imgur.com/a/Hn70T (and that's only some of my own personal scores, imagine how many maps in total that are affected of this issue having a hidden #1 score.

Now some of you may be like "hurr durr you will still appear as #1 on those maps in the album listed above" but do you honestly believe that someone that gets their user locked (for various reasons) deserve to keep their scores when they have violated a rule rough enough to get that user banned?

1. Lets say some user would get banned and caught for hacking and he would get unbanned (which I also believe is stupid but not the point here.) his scores should obviously get wiped either way since his previous scores weren't done legitimately.
2. This thing with hidden scores/the function with hidden scores in general is really confusing the leaderboards since you have no clue what score to beat to achieve a certain rank.
3. I would assume the current reasoning behind inventing the hidden scores function in the first place is to get time to investigate a player/investigate an eventual rule violation but I believe that if you're only suspecting someone, action shouldn't be taken against that user until there is any evidence that player has violated a rule (ex. Hacking/cheating) and when the user is caught hacking he should instantly get banned and his scores should be removed instantly since you then can guarantee his score wasn't done legitimately.

What do I believe can be done regarding this?
There could be various ways to resolve this issue.
1. Remove the hidden scores function completely, investigate the players suspected of rule violations and let them play until evidence has been found and when evidence is found against that user, ban that user and remove all his/her scores instantly.
2. Keep the hidden scores function but make it so it doesn't affect the leaderboards/rankings on beatmaps, have the scores of the user completely removed and keep them removed/hidden from leaderboards & ranking's until the player gets unbanned/unlocked and then have the scores implemented back in case someone would get banned incorrectly and that appeal leading to an unban/if the player would be found not guilty.

Hopefully something is done regarding this shortly and a better solution to this can be found than the one we have today.

Delete scores of players who are banned
I can't agree more.
It doesn't affect me and my scores but it is still annoying as hell. I hope this gets fixed as soon as possible.
It's really an annoying thing for players that are trying to get #1s, 'cause if your score is lower than that hidden one, that top rank would not be applied to you. But I guess Haxwell's imgur link explains everything.

one example from me, too: http://puu.sh/cVS63/2db8d23bc1.jpg
You bring up a very good point. Hope they will notice this thread.
Yeah I agree, they should be removed as soon as they can. Whether or not this may be some technical backset that's causing this.

Should be acknowledged.
I can't agree more.
+1, hidden scores are pointless most of the time
This is already the case
Every once in a while, all hidden scores get deleted
I totally agree!!
I agree. Naziagree!

Please fix this... I'm going to vouch this topic so hard when I can.

Oh and maybe you could put the "Hidden scores" in a separate database from the ones being shown.

baraatje123 wrote:

This is already the case
Every once in a while, all hidden scores get deleted
Should get deleted faster. Actually, deleted on the spot.
+1, I have several cases like that, too, like this: http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/2253593
pls fix
I do agree that this is quite a big problem, not for me since I don't get into the leaderboards, but I have a lot of friends that have the same problem and they find it annoying.
I Haven't really encountered this problem, but this really seems like a huge problem, and i totally agree with this post.
+1 for this. Hope it will get solved soon.
Yea, they should make it so the hidden scores get deleted instantly !
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