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Songs with Chinese titles must be romanised in this method: each character must be romanised into a single, capitalised, separated word. The official romanization should be used if provided. Loan words should be expressed using romanisation from the original language. Refer to [link of this thread] for more information.


  1. The unofficial English translation should not be used:

    GhostFinal - 感谢
    O Gan Xie
    X Thank

  2. Each character must be romanised separately to avoid confusion:

    O Wo Men De Ai
    X Women De Ai

  3. Officially romanised artist/title must be used if provided, and unofficially romanised one should be added in tags:

    O Ariel Lin (add "Lin Yi Chen" in tags)
    X Lin Yi Chen
    X Lin Yichen

  4. "ü" must be romanised to "v":

    O Lv Guang
    X Lu Guang
    X Lü Guang

  5. Etymology of words from other languages should not be used, if the words have already beed included in the official dictionary (现代汉语词典, The Contemporary Chinese Dictionary, for Simplified Chinese; 辭海, The Grand Dictionary of Chinese Language, for Traditional Chinese):

    O Sha Fa
    X Sofa
    沙发 is in The Contemporary Chinese Dictionary.

    O Ji Yin
    X Gene
    基因 is in The Contemporary Chinese Dictionary.

    O Aurora
    X Ou Ruo La
    欧若拉 is not in The Contemporary Chinese Dictionary.

  6. Function words must be romanised into capitalised words too:

    O Wo De Wei Lai Shi
    X Wo de Wei Lai Shi

  7. Cantonese title and artist must be romanised in Cantonese pronunciation.

Also read [Rule] Romanisation of Chinese, Japanese and Korean titles.
Ah.. agree, already discussed for a lot of times in related threads..
If nothing wrong or different opinions are posted, approving this in 1 week..
Bubbled. Will be approaved in a week if there is no more input.
Several weeks have past.. Let's make it true.
Approved this rule.
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