Where did your username originate from?

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I used to be a huge Pokemon fan as a kid and Manaphy was one of my favorite legendary pokemon at the time. I found out that Manaphy was used a lot so I decided to go with Phione and added baby behind it because it is actually the baby of Manaphy. I added some random numbers because the name was bank for me at that time and since then the username has stuck with me and I use the username most of the websites I joined.
So I guess I have a pretty interesting story.

So about 4 years back I went under the username xXFrostZeroXx in Minecraft (Total Weeb I am), and I realized how stupid it sounded with the "xX"
So I sought out to find a better username, something that sounded better at easier.

So as I was thinking, I realized why not combine my name with something reletable to make it sound cool.
My IRL name is Kyle btw.

So then I realized that in the name xXFrostZeroXx the word Zero stood out pretty well.
I combined the first word of my name, Ky, and replaced the Z in zero.
Ky+ero == Kyero.

A legend was born :P
I like biscuits. Done its that simple
felt like it
About a year ago the game "Dex" was relased on Steam and I really liked the trailer so I decided to buy it. The game's protagonist's name is Dex and I thought it was a really cool name so I decided to have that as my username. After a couple of weeks I wanted an original username that could only be inspired by Dex's name so I added "enta" to is because of my entomophobia.
my dog's name(Kai) and I love lasers for a reason :)
I've been called Elly/Ellie my whole life (typical shorter version of my first name))
I was looking up Japanese versions of names one day and wondered how mine would look , and since Ellie is always taken "Erie" came into play
besides.. I think it's short and cute ^-^
My 2nd grade nickname. I still use it.
Kasane Teto

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
i play ssbm competitively and my favorite god was armada.

i removed the a because armada was taken
in 2010 i tried signing up to a flash game site called kongregate to play a game called super crazy guitar maniac deluxe 4 and thought it wont save if i dont sign up for some reason. anyways nadav was taken so from then i call myself nadavv in everything
I wanted a cute name with a y inside and a short name :3
Take a username you came up with when you were 10. Then everytime you get a new game accout drop a few characters until it has lost all of the original meaning.
[ K r i s ]
Jesus Christ I guess. Since my birth name is Kristoffer, therefore [ K r i s ]. All the spaces is to look cool 8-)
So at first sight my username looks like i am huge fcking weeb, (and not to confuse you, I am) But that's not the reason i chose it.

My second name in fact is santosh, I was formerly known as dylansantosh on most games. I wanted to pick Dsan, But that has been taken by the almighty hdnc player.

I decided to leave tosh out, and here i am.

Also I am a huge fcking weeb :v)
Under = Because I like subways
Forest = My favorite place

Little things that cleared out half the forest in my hometown. I am not creative.
I remember trying out those random name generators, and I got the name "Shig". I kind of liked the name, and it just stuck with me
I like the song "Monster" by Reol so I was like: salsa
And people like it as much as I do
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