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Where did your username originate from?

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some latin word which translates to "tears"
picked it up because it sounded nice
I used to roll with the name "FluffyBunny" hence the avatar.
One Night Standoff is just an interesting play on words. and the future name of my band :P
Aching Time
My name is Xeii
and Ryuu is Dragon in Japanese.
The dragons in Japanese are said to be associated with water and heavens they also bring storms and end times of droughts.
i love dragons because they are cool and intimidating.
I add them up and make up "Xeiiryuu"
Sky Shaymin
uhh i've had 4

ChryssyX3 was a name that people called me for some reason. I dunno how "Chryssy" came from Evan but ok.

Keldy from Keldeo. Got called this in a Gmod server.

Asriel_ because Undertale sucks is a decent game worth playing

Glacia is the Japanese name for Glaceon (I'm sorry to whoever I took this from ;_;)

LOL I'm joking I just generated it on a website
It came from a self deprecating depressing 15 year old who likes to play CS1.6
im a stereotypical meme child, so i chose this name ;3
Back when I was a horrible human being and was into homestuck, I liked the character Porrim. I Looked up some trivia about her and saw it her name might of been based off a star called Porrima. So hence the name "PorrimaStar"
Mine is my name in Japanese
Alexis= Arekesisu
Well, Me being an idiot when I started playing PC named my first steam account LeroyJenkins111. 4 years later I was 17, thats when I saw a Lenovo laptop box and though, huh, thats neat. Then I played with Lenovo trying to make a good name out of it, landed on Lenovive. Also to pronounce it, say Leno like Jay Leno, followed by Vive, pronounced like hive with a v instead. Leno-Vive
am relly dumb and i try to call my friend who is call chase but instead i right chaee and i think sound good so i keep for myseld xdddd
Well, my name ''Alea'' is from my original name but only I did delete de X at the final because it wasn't allowed :7 (So many alex at this game), my second name starts with an A as well . So, I decided to put the A on the site of the X ... '' Alea '' I believe is a normal and cute name ..
Before that, I used to have another nickname that was QTISC , someday 8 years ago I came to an internet with my friends and saw that they all were using nicknames, and i was the only with '' Default name '' . I said '' Ok let's create a good name '' and QTISC appears .. in spanish each letter means something ..
QTISC= '' Que Te Importa Sapas@ Chismos@ ''
Is a little funny when people use to ask me about it :P
Now when i think about it i have no idea where "luckyone" originated from. I'm not lucky at all and i have never been eaither so it's kind of weird. One thing i do know is that i first got it when I played Call of Duty back in the day. But im sure it has somekind of meanig that i just can't remember :D Never lucky boys.
Remove HP Drain
remove hp drain now
I used to be a huge Pokemon fan as a kid and Manaphy was one of my favorite legendary pokemon at the time. I found out that Manaphy was used a lot so I decided to go with Phione and added baby behind it because it is actually the baby of Manaphy. I added some random numbers because the name was bank for me at that time and since then the username has stuck with me and I use the username most of the websites I joined.
So I guess I have a pretty interesting story.

So about 4 years back I went under the username xXFrostZeroXx in Minecraft (Total Weeb I am), and I realized how stupid it sounded with the "xX"
So I sought out to find a better username, something that sounded better at easier.

So as I was thinking, I realized why not combine my name with something reletable to make it sound cool.
My IRL name is Kyle btw.

So then I realized that in the name xXFrostZeroXx the word Zero stood out pretty well.
I combined the first word of my name, Ky, and replaced the Z in zero.
Ky+ero == Kyero.

A legend was born :P
I like biscuits. Done its that simple
felt like it
About a year ago the game "Dex" was relased on Steam and I really liked the trailer so I decided to buy it. The game's protagonist's name is Dex and I thought it was a really cool name so I decided to have that as my username. After a couple of weeks I wanted an original username that could only be inspired by Dex's name so I added "enta" to is because of my entomophobia.
my dog's name(Kai) and I love lasers for a reason :)
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