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I have two skins right now. I really like the entire look of the first one, but the cursor is pretty lame. The second skin that I have looks stupid, but has a cool cursor. Is there a way for me to transfer the cool cursor to the other skin?
Hi. You can do that in a few simple steps :

1 - Pick the skin with the cursor you like, then, go in osu! options and click "open skin folder"

2 - Look for the files "cursor.png", "cursor@2x.png", "cursormiddle.png", "cursormiddle@2x.png", "cursortrail.png", "cursortrail@2x.png" and copy them.
Note the cursormiddle files or @2x files may or may not be there. If they are not here, but there are files with these names in your other skin, you will have to delete them in your other skin.

3 - Go to the parent folder (which should be "skins") - it is where all osu skins are located
(Default location : C:\Program Files (x86)\osu!\Skins)

Maybe I'm detailing a bit too much.

4 - Locate the folder of the skin where you want your new cursor to be, open it, and paste the files you copied earlier. When asked if you want to overwrite, click yes. Don't forget to delete files that are cursor-related that you did not copy from the first folder
Thank you for taking the time to type this! I'll try these out and see if I can get it to work!
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