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Yup. This is Love Fighter from O2Jam. I think from this beatmap onwards, I'll provide some basic information to accompany them.

< Details >
Song: Love Fighter
Artist: Brandy
BPM: 125
Difficulties available: Normal
Osu! Difficulty Ranking: 4 Stars
HP Drain Rate: 3 / 10
Circle Size: 4 / 10
Overall Difficulty: 5 / 10
Sliders: Yes
Spinners: Yes
Overlaps: Yes
Videos: No
Intermissions: No
Osu! build: b86

< Description / Notes >
This song has quite a number of rapid tapping and a few sudden spinners so beware!

< Link >

Edit: Added a few more details...
I approve. Awesome work!!

And you made me think of adding bpm to the online ranking stats ;).
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Wow. I didn't know I can suggest a feature from that post alone! Glad I could help. :D
I like.
WOW! Excellent beatmap you got there. I also love some of O2Jam songs but I didn't know this one. =D

I finally beat it after too much tries. And I must say is challenging but really fun to play.

Also, I see this one is in online ranking! And I made a crappy-above-peppy score too! =P
Holy shit do more o2jam songs please :)

YOU / Bride in dream / Astral (cropped of course) <--- any of those would make a hell of a beatmap! woo

far away edit: HEHE YEAH FIRST PLACE! TAKE THAT YOU HAND *isnt able to move wrist for weeks*
I have Bride in Dream Mp3. Great song too. If no one does it, I'll do it someday. =P
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Hmm...Bride in Dream huh...I'll look into that song :) . In fact, I made a Stepmania version before on bemanistyle...I think I can do it again :) . Anyway, thanks for the comments guys :D . I also have some other O2Jam songs, like V3 and Cross Time, but time is a factor here though...

Side note: Extor, if you really want to make a beatmap of Bride in Dream, please reply here asap...Then I know which song I should prioritise and do first. But then again, the forums could use 2 versions of the song, but I don't wish for such competition though...By the way, my version would probably be a normal / hard version, so you might want to consider making an easy version. That way, we both have a fair hand in the song :D
Go ahead and do it. I love the quality of this one so you will probably do a great job with that one. Also, I have other songs I wish to make in Osu! so I don't have any worries. =D
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Alright then :D . I'm already halfway into it, so you should be seeing the beatmap pretty soon :) . By the way, expect the difficulty to be comparable to this beatmap though, so beginners might want to pass on that beatmap too (unless I or some other people decides to make an easy version of it that is).
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