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This is a simple request that I would love to have. Think it would be great if there was scroll speed in the middle of 2 whole number scroll speeds (like 12.5 ; 7.5 ; 18.5 ; etc)

The reason is because there be songs that we can't get the right speed for, like pretend if a song we're trying to play and you put scroll speed 6 but it's too slow so you put it at 7 but now it's too fast

This will help us be more accurate and give us more options :)
I agree this would help with songs that have extremely hight BPM and the difference between each inteval of scroll speed can get really large and if your average play speed is inbetween them its hard to play too slow or too fast. this would help ALOT more then people think it would (: thanks for the request ayaya <3 hope it gets through.
t/221859 is Cmod (partially)
Remove the Cmod from this request, and only go for x.5 in this one
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Ayaya wrote:

baraatje123 wrote: is Cmod (partially)
Remove the Cmod from this request, and only go for x.5 in this one
You said "partially" so not a duplicate. That and this is somewhat a different topic, concept are different. Mines is more about more speed options. The mod is a speed option on my topic also it's ranked/unranked while you requested 2 mod even though it says "Keep to one request per topic" in the Request guide line also your mods is unranked. Your mods design is just to block out sv and speed changes while mines has both that and has a specific speed which can be changed in ini files. Mines is only one request as it says "Or". Also it doesn't say CMod anywhere on your 1st post.

I'll take that part off once a mod tells me too, no offense.
First, I meant partially, since it is about the Cmod and about the Mmod (as Agka said)
Also, the 2 req per topic was originally the case, but people told me I should merge it, and it did merge, which was something I did NOT do, but a moderator did it, and he should know what the best thing is.
I asked if it should get merged, and they did, so it's a valid merge
As for the fact about Cmod, I didn't know it was called that way, but people in the comments said it.
Please delete the Cmod out of your request, and only stick to x.5, as that was your Original concept.
Also, don't discuss with this in this thread anymore, some people have did this, and because of that, the thread got locked, and marked as invalid
whoa, 1 year playing mania, still having problem with scrolling speed, and finally found this... .5 scroll speed for mania sounds epic!!
how to upvote orz

(don't bother with my post, i just wanna have more fun and increasing my mania skill, because this request totally worth.. :3 )
I need this,
Add 1, too fast, restart
Minus 1, too slow orz
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