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Kheryo wrote:


SnickarN wrote:

Link is gone? ;w;7
No no, link is here :

OSK : ... 0+v200.osk
ZIP : ...

Some image links died though, I will create a puush account and migrate them.
Sorry for not being very active lately, I'm an engineering school student and the schedule is very busy .w.
what the hell. before i commented that i tried to download and it said that mediafire had removed the links for violation or some shit but now it works

also nice Link Kappa b
i want one life bar :( ,you can create one for me? (please ;A;)
Thanks for the skin, bro! I use it all the time!
Very cool. Will be using this alot.
yo, really neat skin there o/ just want to mention that sliderscorepoint.png is actually needed in Taiko, mainly because it's used for the yellow bar (the ticks aren't always in 1/4 beats so ;w;).
Also, the hitcircle overlay is the default one's (except that you've got rid of the stars), I suppose? You might want to change it into something more subtle to further minimize blurring, but that's just my opinion though; I've been using a pitch-black overlay since long ago so I don't really know.

That aside, it's slick :D keep it up
This is the BEST skin I have ever encountered!! Thanks! :)
Another Clean and Simple skin that is awesome to read :D
I've been looking for a skin like this for ages. The best skin I've used so far, I love it!
Kappa my kappa
Wish there were more skins like this around - thanks heaps!
Edit: problem solved
Hi! I wanted to let you know, there's a tiny error in your Taiko skin. With skin Version: 2 to latest taiko-bar-right.png and taiko-bar-right-glow.png need to be 1024 x 200. Otherwise it's too short in 4:3 resolutions.

Kheryo wrote:

Hello, and welcome to this post. Please have a seat. ╞╕

Experiment 00 is a dark, minimalist skin, that aims to provide players with an efficient environment, with the smallest amount of distractions possible.
This skin was composed according to my own taste and to player suggestions. If you find any way to improve it, please feel free to share it via this thread or via MP.
This skin is made from scratch, however, I found inspiration in my favorite skins to this day : Minimalist Miku and Luminance, you may want to check these out as well.

Feel free to give it a try if you like it or if you have some time to kill. I am always open to suggestions and any constructive criticism is welcome.

Main features
• Dark theme
• Minimalistic
• Easy to read
• Moderate contrast (does not cause too much eye strain)
• A nice set of extras to further customize the skin to your liking

Quick notes
• Recommended for any type of players. This skin should suit you even in the hardest difficulties. If it does not, please let me know, and I will work towards improving it according to your suggestions and requests.
• It is highly recommended to play with background dim 80-100% when using this skin
• If you want to play with background/storyboard/videos on, you can find an opaque hitcircle in the extras folder



Current version : OSK Download / ZIP Download (2.0.0)


Increased clarity and readability
• Sharper, less blurry STD gameplay elements
  • - HitCircle
    - HitCircleOverlay
    - ApproachCircle
    - SliderBall
    - SliderFollowCircle (extra)
    - Cursor

• Brighter, more visible STD gameplay elements
  • - SliderBall (extra)
    - Spinner
    - Cursor

• New HitCircles
  • - 0%, 30%, 60%, 100% fill opacity
    - Thin / medium / thick inner color circle
    - Thin / medium "floaty" inner color circle (extra)

Taiko skinning
• Released

User interface
• Multiplayer
  • - added skinning for "skipped" icon
    - added skinning for "winner" box

• SD compatibility
  • - "Unranked" text is now also skinned in SD (oops)

• Removed a few useless extras (smoke trails, color schemes etc)
• Added a few gameplay-related extras

• Still TODO... Maybe in 2.1 ?
Changelog for 1.0.0 :
- Released
- Full Standard skinning

Changelog for 1.1.0 :
• New mod Icons (At last)
• Resized and readjusted difficulty stars and some texts
• New extras :
- Difficulty stars (circles)
- New combo color schemes
- Custom smoke trails
• Added more .psd files to allow players to customize more elements
• Added a readme with .psd editing guide, and list of files and filenames
• The character font used in this skin, Geo Sans Light, is now included in the .zip and .osk
• Changed a few sounds. The skin sounds better now.(homemade sounds planned for 1.2.0)

Changelog for 1.1.1 :
• Changed the selection icons (on the bottom of songselect)
• Added a menu background(I will most likely change it soon though)
• Repackaged the .osk to fix some potential issues


I will include a .psd file for anyone who wants to add his name to the HP bar.
If you happen to not have any .psd editing software at hand, you can download and use Gimp which is a free alternative to photoshop. You only need to know how to open a file and use the text tool, which should take you approximately 2 minutes to learn.

My own HP bar, at last *o*

This is the default

Please don't ban me

Empty bar (the part of the bar with your name also disappears)
Note : There are a few text variations in the extra folder for the HP bar background.
Note2 : There is no easter egg here.
From left to right : 0%, 30%, 60%, 100% opacity
From top to bottom : Thin, Normal, Thick color circle
I tried going with thicker color circles but the result was, in my humble opinion, not fitted to my skin nor to my gameplay, thus I did not include them.

Same thing with a background for better appreciation

These hitcircles seem to be trendy these days so I included these in the extras for the players who are more used to using them.
(Yes, this sentence makes sense.)

Left to right : Sliderball (default), More visible Sliderball (extra), SliderFollowCircle (extra)

Left one is the previous cursor (v1) and middle one is the new default, updated one. Right one is a request. As it looks pretty nice, I included it in the extras.

Miku decided she didn't want to work as a spinner-metre anymore.
(She is still there for you in the extra folder if you miss her)


- [Garin] for his awesome Minimalist Miku skin.
- Uruoki for the most elaborated skin I know, Luminance and for the very complete feedback and suggestions about my skin

Test Subjects and helpful people
- Myu (Standard / Taiko test subject, a good friend of mine)
- Seunie- (Standard test subject... Also my sister)
- Juuryoushin (Taiko skinning advice)
- Astar (Standard test subject, also a nice person to talk about tomato juice with)

Character font - Geo Sans Light


How do I install the skin ?
1 : Click on the "Download OSK" link or on the "OSK" part of the big download picture above
2 : Once you arrive on mediafire, click the beautiful green "Download" button on your right and save it somewhere
3 : Once the download is complete, open the file : osu will automatically install the skin for you
4 : Profit !

How do I change the HP bar name in the .psd file ?
1 : Select the text layer by clicking it
2 : Click anywhere on the text to select it, then select all of it and replace with your name
3 : CTRL + SHIFT + S (save as...) -> "scorebar-colour@2x.png"
4 : Alt + Ctrl + I -> check "keep proportions" and divide height or width by 2
5 : CTRL + SHIFT + S -> "scorebar-colour.png"
6 : Cancel the resizing and exit (or exit without saving)

I don't understand D:
1 : Send me a PM with title "HP bar - <yourname>" e.g. "HP bar - peppy" or "HP bar - -Potato-"
2 : ???
3 : Profit !

How do I send you a PM ?
1 : Click on my nickname
2 : Click on the small mail icon under my profile picture
Alternatively you can also just click here

How do I use any of the extra thingies ?
1 : go to C:\Program Files (x86)\osu!\Skins\Experiment 00 v2.0.0\Extras
2 : Navigate to any content you may like to use as a replacement in the main skin
3 : Copy all the files in the folder you are currently in (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\osu!\Skins\Experiment 00 v2.0.0\Extras\Cursor\Light Gray)
4 : Go back to the main skin folder : C:\Program Files (x86)\osu!\Skins\Experiment 00 v2.0.0
5 : Ctrl + V (paste) and when asked to overwrite, click Yes

How do I restore the default thingies ?
Same procedure as when you want to use extra thingies, except this time you are looking for the folders with "DEFAULT" in the name in the extra folder.

Why ?
Is there a puush download?
Just wanted to say thanks for this skin; it is absolutely perfect for a minimalistic taiko experience. :)
Arigatouu gozaimasuuu!! :D
Hello, glad to found this skin. It's so modern and very clean and the hitsounds are clear too (or its just me but lets go with the clear thing >.<). But I want to say that the 'perfect' scoring icon are not showing as I play, even in the results. I don't know if its the skin that doesn't support with my laptop or the other way around or anything in what matter. :?: Or may be its actually how it is... :oops:

Overall, I will get use to it. Thanks for making this. It's outstanding. :D
I don't think I've ever posted on Osu's forum before lol. But, I wanted to thank you for making this skin. It's amazing, to say the least. I'm not an HD player but this skin makes me want to play HD XD Sorry for the rambling, but thanks again! :D
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