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Release: v0.15.0

Key features are a local users system, video playback, and many more UI improvements (redesigns, new font, etc.). Also, a ton of bug fixes in this release.

pututu wrote:

Also how do you change the .cfg file in android ??
You'll have to open the file in a text editor. Sorry, couldn't find an easy way to make a file picker inside the game (without Swing).
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Android release: v0.15.0a
Thanks to fluddokt as always :)
Could you put an option to disable the hitcircles at the end of a slider plz? They really confuse me a lot
Can you also add the ability to login to an osu! account instead of local accounts?
Is it possible to get this working on iOS? osu!stream and osu! iPhone hasn't been updated in so long.
I tried to get this on Android but it's impossible for me to download maps (connection error, even though I tried both wifi and my carrier's internet). Even if I manually put a song in the map it won't recognize it. Any idea how to fix this?
Try using "Mnetwork" instead of the others, worked for me
what java file has the theme song and can you change it?
is it possible to run on iOS :roll::?:
opsu setup help

how to make it work
1. get java if you dont have it already
2. run opsu.jar with java
3 ones it starts you will have to find the server that you can download from
most common qustion: red is 1 person and green is an other
what server are you using
what could happen if u pick wrong one
awser: well it will only get you a error and it will not download
so make shure you test all download server and see the one that is the best for ur download
make shure to reply if you have any other problem :D and il be happy to help you
Will it support other modes later? thx in advance~
According to the post it is possible to get this running on iOS. If someone could make this happen that would be amazing. I have a jailbroken device I can test it with.

Edit: I'll just need the .ipa

Misakura wrote:

According to the post it is possible to get this running on iOS. If someone could make this happen that would be amazing. I have a jailbroken device I can test it with.

Edit: I'll just need the .ipa
there is non however it could be done eazely by pc :) remember that its eazier to do a Android app and then convert it insted of doing ipa direct. i got a rooted phone i can however play ipa and apk aps due to a mod that is installed on my phone also if you dont want the phone os you could put Android however you need the verision that fits the screen :) pm me back for more info. btw i installed windows on my phone through root and yes there is a fing for windows phones too :) thank you for making me clear up fings
Hi, I tried opsu once then uninstalled.... if I changed my mind to try opsu again, when I install the jar then later I got an error that some file directory were missing. Help!
Voice COMA

Coolnine9 wrote:

Does anyone know if it’s possible to reset the password of an account? Can’t remember mine. I’m moving devices and will lose the account then.
Don't post this here. Make a review on the Play Store. If not, create a new issue here: https://github.com/AnirudhRahul/opsu-Android/issues.

Jeffrey or fluddokt did not released the game on the Play Store so they have no idea. It's just a random guy who implemented online ranking and put ads in the game. Sad.
How to update opsu! ?
Hmmm is it possible to play beatmap videos (on android)?... but perhaps it will cause performance issues if implemented.. well yeah, it would be great if it could just like the original osu
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