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I made application for downloading multiple beatmaps simultaneously. But it was just a side thing in other thread i made.
This thread is specifically for the application.

Technical stuff:
  1. Total beatmap set count: 9,079 ( and rising, ~72 GB of beatmaps available for download )
  2. Total beatmap count: 33,042 ( and rising )
  3. Concurrent download support ( number of download threads is adjustable, default is 2 )
  4. Search by: `Title`, `Creator`, `Source`, `Tags` ( optionally `Size` and `Beatmap version` )
  5. Supports result sorting by `Beatmap set id`, `Beatmap set title`, `Size`
  6. Uses .NET framework 4.5
Main application window:

When performing a search:

Search results:

Beatmap set options:

Download queue:

Application settings:

Source code available at: http://git.hexide.com/Miz/osumirror
Beatmap data source: http://api.osu.miz.hexide.com/
Latest version: http://miz.hexide.com/mirror/BeatmapMirror.34de06678.exe
wow... NICE!
which server are you hitting for this
need confirmation but it's probably his/her own mirror server that is in his aforementioned other thread over here

peppy wrote:

which server are you hitting for this
Everything is self hosted. Only periodical checks for new beatmaps are made every 2 hours.
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