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[ Pingu ]
This idea sounds like a pile of crap and I'll know everyone will disagree with me. :/

Sounds like the worst idea so far, eh? Wait here and I'll explain more in depth. Sorry I have no idea how to set a 'web' prefix.

What is it?

The Skin Checker on your profile allows to check what skin the player is using, and a download link will be created to download it if the player has enabled it on his/her userpage.

Now before you start spamming 'pegu tis is a crep idea liek ermehgurd', let me do as I like to call it an 'EFFAQ' (Estimated Future Frequently Asked Questions).

1. Some people just put skins on their userpage of the skins they made...
Yes, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they're using their own skin.

2. What if you don't want your skin to be available for everyone to use?
Then you can simply set it private in your profile settings, y'know, the bit where you change your twitter 'n stuff. Or not even put it on there at all if you want to feel more safe.

3. Skin links can be put in there signature as well y'know.
Yes, I know that. But I believe it'll make this will make it more easier for people instead of ruining your signature. Plus sometimes you can't even fit the link your signature because you have other stuff in it.

Now, how to use it you may ask, again, let me explain again.

Step 1.
Go to your profile.

Step 2.
Under your name, there should be an 'Edit' button. Click that.

Step 3.
Press 'Set as public' if you want your skin to show, and it'll make an automatic link to download. If you want it private, press 'Set as private'. If you have it as private, it'll only show the skin name.

Step 4.
Press 'Submit' and it'll appear under your name 'n stuff, simple as that.

Why this will be great?

This will be great because the people who are not supporters especially might want to share their skin that they can't put on their userpage because they don't have access to. Now, people will be just saying what EFFAQ no. 3 says, but just read it carefully and you'll understand.

I know lots of people will disagree with me on this one, and straight away it'll marked as 'invalid', but I just want your opinions. Opinions would be very nice, and even a vote if you believe that this is a very good idea and that should be implanted on the forums.
pegu tis is a crep idea liek ermehgurd

On a serious note, where should the skins be hosted? How should the files be created (what or who)?
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[ Pingu ]
Hmm, good point, the hosting is a problem.

Well, how are the .osz for beatmaps hosted? We can host it like the beatmaps are.

If that doesn't work, then some little changes will have to happen.
Hosting files is not a problem.

There is going to be something similar to this, just be patient. and kick me meanwhile
Good point. You can publicize your custom skin without any hassles. You don't need to puush them or upload it to Mediafire anymore

Take my invisible stars
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[ Pingu ]
People are agreeing to this omg. :D

Also, thanks for the notice Marcin, can't wait for something like this to be added if it will be. :3
MrSergio sure is better then going through the trouble to host and post it (not mentioning that you need to be supporter at least once).

This is a great idea in my opinion and I hope it will happen too.
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[ Pingu ]

[-MrSergio-] wrote: sure is better then going through the trouble to host and post it (not mentioning that you need to be supporter at least once).

This is a great idea in my opinion and I hope it will happen too.
Some people like me don't even know how to host files lol. I know you use mediafire but it's still too complex for me.
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[ Pingu ]
bump orz
from t/531186

FunOrange wrote:

Dedicate a little section on the site where player's can post the link to their skin, maybe in the same section where age/interests/occupation/website are listed.
Hopefully it can be thoroughly established that the first place to look for a person's skin would be this link on their profile page.
Just to make things less complicated and since the other request got marked as a dupe, just add a place where users can share skins just like how beatmaps are shared.
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