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Current Priority: +0
Earlier, I was randomly flipping through beatmaps, and found a familiar song. I thought to myself "I thought I already played and FC'd this...", and it turns out I was right. The map had been unranked a couple of days after its first ranking, and just recently reranked.

So, I'd like to see some sort of notification (preferably by PM) when a song gets reranked and the scores have had to be wiped. This obviously would only be necessary if one has achieved a previous score on the map before it was unranked and wiped.

August 26th Edit: If this happens, then this request could easily be tied to it.
Support, even though I don't play anymore

When I used to check for new beatmaps I'd just click Beatmaps->Ranked at the top and look for new ones

The only way right now you can possibly know if something was unranked and reranked is if you check the Ranked/Approved forum regularly for new posts, since when a song gets reranked it doesn't show up at the top of the latest ranked beatmaps in the list

I'd like to see reranked beatmaps displayed at the top of newly ranked beatmaps, because in a sense they are newly ranked. That way I'm less likely to forget about the map if its been unranked and then re-ranked say a month later.

Sending a notification to everyone who ever achieved a score on an unranked beatmap would be a little meaningless imo, just taking it off the newly ranked beatmaps tab and then putting it back on when it's re-ranked should be notification enough.
Putting reranked maps at the topic of the newly ranked ones would probably just be confusing. Another option I was thinking of was just listing reranked maps in a topic one of the Gameplay/General/etc. forums. The BAT that reranked could post it there, but then there's the contingency of "what if they forget to post it" etc. etc. I'm sure that peppy can come up with something.
Support, you have reason; the other day i lost 16 mill... and now i haven't known what map is yet... D:

Bye ;3
I have over 5000 beatmaps, and if a beatmap got reranked which I've already played... let's just say I'll have a nice long time looking for it :x

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