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3L - Songs Compilation thank you so much before!(:
Okean Elzy - Bez Boyu
>Pending and WIP(Finished one diff) only
It's graveyarded, but finished, I'm going to ungrave it.
Zeonix - Duel
I've been here before but VeeLa modded it so I can come back right? :3
10nya: I don't mod Marathons... sorry...
Gaia: Yeah, you can come back here... Anytime!

Slow posting.. fu my android :''< One NM left!
^, I just said something about the extra rule when i opened this queue...... nvm, forget it.

  1. Igorrr - Double Monk
  2. Okean Elzy - Bez Boyu
  3. Zeonix - Duel
  4. Team "Hanayamata" - Hana wa Odore ya Irohaniho (TVsize) Didn't like the song, Why are you checking?
  • Isn't modding fun? 8D

Gray Veyron wrote:

  • Isn't modding fun? 8D
Noo.. ;_;
^, i agree ~.~ bump

~ Game Round! ~
come win this game round and get 2 mods! :)

  • Q: Reorder the Editions Gray Veyron will use Next week/Next Month/Next 2 months:-

  1. 1) Edition 1 - Lockdown
  2. 2) Edition 2 - Normal Gray Veryon
  3. 3) Edition 3 - 'Til All Are One!

    if you don't understand, here example > "(3) Next week/(1) Next month/(2) Next 2 months" or "(3)>(1)>(2)" for short. understood?
    such soabs editions.. veyron show-offs again -_-

Unlimited NM slot, If you answer is correct, you'll get two mods just for one question :):):) but if your map modded by me or veyron, you can come back here for a mod from me or veyron. you can also hold an r1, r2 or r3 ticket if you dont have a map for us but only if your answer is correct! veyron will close tomorrow on 12:00AM (UTC+04:00). have a try, mappers! give us more maps to mod! ^^
I'll try ~

(2) Next Week / (1) Next Month / (3) Next 2 Months

good luck for me x.x

Map: https://osu.ppy.sh/b/457815
(2) > (1) > (3)
Wish me luck :(
3>2>1 idk
Forgot to strike some rules yesterday >_<
  • 1- I only mod osu!standard.
    2-My mod is slow, so don't expect much. I'll be fast this time.
    3- Pending and WIP(Finished one diff) only, No bubbled or approval.
    4- I accept every kind of songs. But KPOP(Boy bands) songs are high priority.
    5-Song length must not be longer than 4:20min. But no marathons
    6-I won't mod your map if i don't like the song(this happens often). fu this
    7- One map, one post.
    8- If your map is perfect, I'll RARELY give a star.
Right now, I only see ONE person answered correct. And ofc, You're allowed to change your answer/edit your post until i close this.
2 > 3 > 1?
(2) Next Week / (1) Next Month / (3) Next 2 Months

I always wanted to get a mod fom Veela o3o

just trying o/
(3) > (2) > (1)
if my guess right, i'll prefer a ticket from both of you c:
Late posting... Using android again >w<

A short story: When i was new to osu, I'm a fan of this current edition and mapped this map(So the 3rd edition should be first). During the days finding modders, I came up addicted with cars(2nd will be 2nd). Lastly, Transformers came into my life(1st on last). So the fkn answer is
(3) > (2) > (1).

  • Who answered correct?

  1. AlpacaCokelat [ Earns two R2 Tickets ]
  2. blackabyss [ Earns two R2 Tickets ]

Ticket holders: You can use it even if this queue is closed, Use them carefully.
For the others: Try again next time! You can come back here a million times when this queue is open. ^w^
yaaaaayyy :D thank you~
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