Kenji Ninuma - DISCO★PRINCE (We <3 Katamari)

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I took a short (58 minute) break from coding and knocked this out. I actually spent a fair bit of that time cutting the audio track down from >7minutes ^^;.

Kenji Ninuma - DISCO★PRINCE

Hope you guys enjoy - its been a while since I have made a beatmap, but I'm pretty confident this one should be fun to play :).

Also - this is the first song which allows online ranking! I am starting by only allowing this single beatmap in order to test the system that is in place. Please keep in mind these scores may be reset in the next few days depending on the success.

Make sure you have your account details entered in the osu! options before playing the song. See the rankings page for further details.

Feedback very welcome.
Look out for my awful awful scores, coming up!
Nice! I'm second on that one. Now the competitive stuff begins! XD

Also, I don't know if this is my browser / PC / whatever. But I can't see the rank "D" pic.

Oh, and about the song. Since I don't know the lyrics or the song itself. (Yeah, I never played Katamari =O ) Some of the circles were at the same distance but with different times. When I get used to it, I did the scores you see in the page.

One question though. There will be only 1 entry per person? (The best one) or all the results will appear there?
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Yeah - sorry about the distance. I tried to keep it standard, but felt guilty approaching the 1 hour mark and returned to coding before I could make minor adjustments. I think after a few plays, you get used to the placement though, and personally I'm not overly fussed about the distance rule :P.

Extor wrote:

One question though. There will be only 1 entry per person? (The best one) or all the results will appear there?
One per person per beatmap/difficulty combination.

Oh, and the "D" sprite -- I'll upload that when I get home... I forgot to this morning :oops:.
Yeah, I figured out that. But still the beats aren't too difficult to go along with. There would be a problem if there were more than 3 different times with different spacings. XP

And the one rank per user-difficulty is awesome. =D

Oh, and thank Phill for the "D" sprite. =P
haha! I'm so terrible at these games... *goes back to playing Phantom Hourglass*
I've added the ability to see if mods (Easy/Nofail/etc) were enabled to the song page.
Trying to play this on my new laptop with included (tiny) laptop mouse - failing miserably :D

But from what I can see, the map is a stunner for a 1 hour rush job! Amazing work 8-) You should take more time out from coding :mrgreen:

EDIT: OK after playing this with a proper mouse on non-lagging desktop, I can confirm my initial suspicions that this map was gold :mrgreen: Only thing I've noticed is that the combo phrasing start/finish seems a little strange towards the end, but that's to be expected for a quick job like this one! Great use of finish and whistle sounds - really adds a lot to the feel of the song and got me tuned in to the rhythm straight away!
I meet a problem. :|
I put the .osz into songs folder.
Then I startup osu!.But the song is not displayed in songs list.
I check up the folder,then I discover the .osu cannot be extracted. :|
Asking for solution :|
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I was waiting for this problem to come up! Its actually to do with zip files not supporting unicode.
As a temporary solution - rename the osz to a zip and extract it yourself to its own directory in the Songs folder (hopefully the zip program you use will be able to read the file ok ><).

I am looking into this, and seeing what options are available! Sorry for the inconvenience.
Oh F*ck!
This is sooo damn hard! I don't want to use any mod.. so I'm struggling..

I can make a combo of 150.. but I noticed that if you miss a spin and a couple of hits.. you're already dead..

I was wondering.. if someone modify the song and plays it with the very same name (and file size..).. ehm.. is this a way to cheat?
does it works?
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I've heard from a few people that I made this too hard... but I think with practice you can succeed! I was aiming to make a challenging difficulty that could be learnt over a few plays and become a really fun beatmap - similar to the ones you find on cheergirl mode in ouendan :).

And no, you cant cheat ;)
cant download :(

Edit: could someone who has this leave a link? please.
still broken plz fix

laport wrote:

still broken plz fix
Found one!

This will, forever be the best beatmap on Osu!
Tbh, this map is terrible.
- Marco -
The first beatmap on osu :D
mlg/420 of the millennium
Hi peppy
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