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October Scream
I think osu!mania should have increments of 10ths (LR2, iidx) 1/2 (o2jam) or be doubled so 8=16. With mods like Flashlight, Hidden and Fade In, sometimes just one bump is way too much. A smaller increment change would help many of us so we aren't at an uncomfortable speed of reading. For example: I wanna play FamiRockP - Oni Kanojo with the Flashlight mod. My first play I start with 6, but that's too slow for my eyes. I restart and then choose 7, but that's too fast for my eyes. What if I could meet in the middle of 6 and 7? It would be best for my eyes, and maybe even a bit faster or slower, who knows?

Some people will say things like "You gotta learn to read faster" or "Learn to memorize what you see," but that's what they think. The majority of players I've seen say that do not use any type of vision mod, so obviously it will be easier to read faster or slower for them since they have the judgement/hit bar to tell them when. Flashlight and Hidden players don't have that type of guide (Fade in does, but only slightly since they get a lower top visibility.
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