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The year 2009 will soon come to an end. Over the course of the year we've had WELL over a thousand ranked maps. In fact, we've recently hit the 1300 mark, and we're still going strong! What we've decided to do is take the BEST maps from the year 2009 and showcase them as next month's ranking chart.

Here's the deal. YOU get to decide what maps are the "Best of 2009." Anybody and everybody that is a member of the osu! community has the chance to make their favorite maps known. The rules are as follows:

  1. You must log in once during the month of December to be eligible to vote.
  2. The top 30 maps will be used in next month's Ranking Chart.
  3. Your votes will automatically be cast on January 1st, 2010, in the form of your "Favourite Beatmaps" list, which is viewable on your profile.
  4. Because we are using your "Favourite Beatmaps" list, you get 20 votes!
  5. This WILL count the maps that are "Approved." These maps WILL be counted for ranked score for the ranking chart.
  6. This will only count for maps that have been ranked/approved in the year of 2009.
  7. Any votes for ineligible maps will be discarded. This includes votes for unranked maps and maps outside the 2009 year. Please adjust your "Favourite Beatmaps" list so that you receive the full 20 votes.

1300+ maps is a lot to choose from. Because of that, we are making it easier for you by providing you with a page to view them all.

From there you can simply add maps to your favorites list by clicking on the beatmap's link. Any maps already on your list will be highlighted. Please remember that the year is not over yet. If a map is ranked on Dec. 31, it is still eligible.

Good luck to all the mappers!
Cool idea.
Wooh, I like this idea :D
I like this idea :)

Can you vote on your own maps or what?!
Yourself being your own map should be fine.
I'm actually not too sure about this.

If you look at pretty much any map, a majority of the people who have favourited it are newbie players. To me, this implies that a majority of the favourites are of the songs and not the maps themselves. Just look at the favourites for my Clock Town map. A majority of the favourites are users ranked >50000, and the users' other favourites are all nintendo/zelda maps. Imho, at the lower skill levels the fun comes less from the maps themselves (since Easies are usually so simple) and more from playing a game to your favourite song.

Even if a newbie player favourited a map because of the map itself, they most likely only played the easier difficulties, when it's the hardest difficulties that will be fought over in the monthly rankings.


EDIT: What if only the favourites of users ranked below #xxxx were counted?
Well the amount of smart people offset the amount of newbs anyway.

I hope.
There will be criteria to filter the favourites. It will work well.

Voting page is up:
So when does voting end?
The 5 'best' maps will be opening/endings of animu's
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.

Remco32 wrote:

The 5 'best' maps will be opening/endings of animu's

Yoko Hikasa - Don't Say Lazy wrote:

Favourited 293 times in total

fripSide - only my railgun (TV Size) wrote:

Favourited 76 times in total
Wait, Don't Stop Me Now is from 2009.

Comp. over.
All of 2009!!! I can vote for my own maps YES!
That's.... a lot of maps to choose from, and some this only applies for the people who are going to log in at least once in December....I doubt all the "Don't Be "Lazy"" favouriters are on~ still... I hope there isn't too much animu >:

Surely, Don't Stop Me Now will get first
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
So at the moment, vote == add to favourites

well whatever I'm only voting for my favourites anyway so why not

NoHItter wrote:

So when does voting end?
Isn't it obvious?

Anyways, nice. I already made up my list. :D
(Too bad it will be mostly a popularity contest, eh?)
This is cool and all... But yeah, "generic japanese song with female artist #947" will beat "awesome map #9"... Except for "Don't Stop Me Now" which is popular anyways... :P

Will be interesting to see how high up my favourites will get.
nice xD Here's to billy boogie :X
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