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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 16. syyskuuta 2014 at 20:10:12

Artist: xi
Source: Cytus
Tags: bms blocko fullerene- tear dainesl
BPM: 222,22
Filesize: 7529kb
Play Time: 04:21
Difficulties Available:
  1. 4K Another - 4Key (3,78 stars, 3024 notes)
  2. 4K Hyper - 4Key (3,15 stars, 2030 notes)
  3. 4K Normal - 4Key (2 stars, 1310 notes)
  4. Blocko's 7K Another - 7Key (5,85 stars, 4331 notes)
  5. Blocko's 7K Black Another - 7Key (8,15 stars, 6699 notes)
  6. Blocko's 7K Normal - 7Key (2,49 stars, 1582 notes)
  7. Dain's 7K Light - 7Key (1,77 stars, 551 notes)
  8. Fullerene's 4K DIMENSIONS - 4Key (5,88 stars, 5518 notes)
  9. Tear's 7K Hyper - 7Key (4,47 stars, 3740 notes)

Download: xi - FREEDOM DiVE
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
hi guys!!1 i finally actually did something!111111
thx fulernene 4 ur 4k dimento diff!!111 i thx u!!11111!!1!
i can hitsound plzzzzzzz i try hitsound l8r okkkkkk!!111111!!!1!111
thx bloko 4 ur 7k gestu difitcoloties!!11!!11!!!
very thx 4 u tear 4 ur 7k hyper it an 3 month long wait!!!!11!!!!!!1!!!11

hi i try hitsoudn now okk!!!!1111!!1!!!111!!

ok hitsoudn is done plz respcet me 4 ful hitsondu!!!1!11!!!11!1
it are took me agese!!11!!11!!1!1!

ok i fixed mapo n hitsondo!!!1!11!!1!!1!!!1

old 4k dimensions going to hell!!1111!1!!!!1!!!
plz acept new harder 4k dimensionz!!1111!!!!111!
it 5.9 stars!!1!!11!!!1!!1!!!

changed difficulti naems 2 bms!!11!!1!!1!!!
plz apreciate 4 change name!!1111!!11!1!11!

ok bloko thx 4 make ULTIMATE 7k map blak anodther 4 our enteretinement!!1111!!1!1!!11!
an dain 4 mek 7k beginer dificloti 4 ranked map!!111!!1!!!1!1!1!

need et bg
hi~ :)

Change to 192kbps bit rate
it appears as a failed map when i open the file
i like it <3
I don't even...
playing this map the whole time, can't wait, till it's completed and ranked *_*
Offset is incorrect for all diffs; it should be +50 for all diffs (2,133 -> 2,183). Ignore this because I forgot to re-DL

Also check AIMod because there are a TON of unsnapped objects everywhere for some reason.

Make sure to resnap all preview points and all inherited points.

no KD for this, just helping :3
okay right now i'm highly doubting this will ever get ranked

thanks for making the worst fucking editor ever and breaking the entire mapset that'll take forever to fix

2 ms unsnapped 1/3 and 1/8 notes, how do you fix that!?

nvm i got help
put tag pls :c

cytus bms blocko fullerene- tear
why you deleted this map :( i loved it

EDIT: nvm i got the old version, where your name was Rainbow Dash haha
EDIT2: wow, an super easy version now ^^ how about a short versipn for the real beginners
yay here is a 7K GD that the beginners will absolutely not adore
i accidentally deleted it sorry dain ok no h8 send it to me when i'm back online :U
I think you have to make a diff between Hyper and Another for 4K
i don't know this beatmap is still unranked, it is very good and challenging, good work with that beatmap
Your map just got handed over to your god
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