Wang Lee Hom - Not Your Average Thug

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Hi again! Here's my 3rd beatmap I've churned out. I think it's moderately hard.

At 130 bpm, it's quite fast. I've tried to make all the 1/4 beats on themselves as it's impossible to hit them otherwise, and tried to avoid placing other types of beats over themselves. Also, I think most beats are timed with Lee Hom's voice.

Do bear in mind this designed for mouse players more than touchpad/laptop players (this *is* a pc emulator!). I suggest the use of both mouse buttons for groups of 1/4 beats. Anyway, have fun and feel free to leave some feedback.

Wang Lee Hom - Not Your Average Thug

*thanks peppy!*
Woot - dual mouse button clicking is so gangsta :mrgreen:

I love the way you've made the beatmap feel R&B. Not entirely sure how you did it (maybe those pimpin' quarter beats :D ) but it works a treat!

Congrats on another quality one chan! Adding to official list.

Yeah, this song is made of double mouse clicking win!

Awesome song and beatmap, definitely a recommendation.
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Thanks for trying it out guys, I'm glad that you guys thought well of it.

I think thet R&B feel comes from me trying to sync with Lee Hom's vocals. I guess his vocal part just has a groovy rhythm.

Yes, RSI is something that I need to consider (probably more so for my other beatmap). You'll notice this beatmap doesn't go for the entire song ;) Personally, I felt that not too much strain went on my hands for this beatmap, but point noted.

Will definitely add a break in my next beatmap. I was planning on making an easy or normal version that was almost entirely 1/2 beats with an occasional 1/4 beat, and planned on adding breaks, but didn't get it out in time. Due to uni, this may not come out too soon, despite being half-done.
Very nicely done, good variation in beats and clickage.
We should build an anti-RSI mouse and market it as official osu merchandise.
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thanks. i hope u can make more ouendan style of lee hom's new song if can gamabte!~~
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Download: Wang Lee Hom - Not Your Average Thug (Chan) [Easy].osu
Finished off my "easy" version of this song. There are three small breaks, and the song ends at the same spot as the "hard" version. The easy beatmap has mostly 1/2 beats, though more 1/4 beats towards the end. It's close to the original beatmap, but I did spend my time to make sure it was much easier, with beat placement (mostly) consistent with beat length and visible/reachable. Sliders are also a bit slower. Whilst this beatmap may not be easy for newbies, it should be challenging and within their ability.

Personally, I find the easy version a bit boring to play after testing my hard version so much. But I digress. Please provide any feedback if you try out this version :)

sniperz wrote:

thanks. i hope u can make more ouendan style of lee hom's new song if can gamabte!~~
Yeah, for sure! Any requests? If not, I'm planning to do Hua Tian Cuo or Xin Zhong De Ri Yue when exams finish (Nov 15th).
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