Kero's Modding Laboratory (M4M 0/1 & Timing Open)

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Welcome to Kero's modding lab!
*insert imaginary banner here* (will add one later)


Hello, I'm Kero(cchi).
Please don't be scared by the fact that I'm new. Everyone has to start somewhere. This thread is aimed at people like me who are looking for experience at mapping and modding and willing to find those of the same interest. I hope you will find something useful here :)

Regarding my style

Sample of my modding

What I do

Mod 4 Mod:
Please choose one, or more from the following of my maps to mod and post your map links here. I will mod back the same number of maps that you modded of mine. It's preferred that you already modded mine and include the mod post link in your post here, it encourages me ^o^ But if you can't find the time yet, you can always edit your post later.
  1. Leggysalad - Swim Through The Air (approximate Draining Time for all diffs: 13 mins) This is undergoing remapping.
  2. SmileR - Melody Line (approximate Draining Time for all diffs: 10 mins)

Opening/closing will be announced on first and/or last post.
Timing Help:
I have an interest in timing, and will be most likely to be happy to help you with timing/BPM requests. You don't have to do anything in return, but if I ask you a favor after I help you with your timing then you probably should do it ;) (it rarely happens though).
Usually the number of timing requests are unlimited but if I decide to close, it will be announced on last post.

Rules - Guidelines (the boring but important stuff)

And, as a prerequisite, please read the following before exchanging mods with me:
  1. 1.Please give me Standard, pending, non-bubbled maps with SP of lower than 15 to mod only.
  2. 2. I will mod maps to the order of my liking, but usually requests will be finished within one week. Therefore, you should include your mod link on your post here within one week of your posting, or you shall be in my blacklist.
  3. 3. Your songs should be in Japanese or English. I generally prefer pop, electronic, ballad, shoegaze/alternative rock. No heavy metal please. VOCALOID songs shall have greater priority.
  4. 4. Please be nice and polite. I myself try to maintain a high standard of politeness here, as this is an international environment. Should I deem your post not friendly enough, I might be discouraged from modding your map. It doesn't hurt to be nice ;)
  5. 5. The approximate draining time of your songs should be about the same as the one(s) you modded for me. Of course if I like the song(s) then I won't mind even 6 mins each diff.
  6. 6. I speak English.
  7. 7. You must write something related to cats and/or pigs in your post. Any post without this shall be ignored/denied.
  8. 8. You must reply to my mod post, as I will reply to yours, and state whether you're going to accept or reject my suggestion and why. This helps me improve.
  9. 9. These rules are subject to change with or without notice.
That's all I have to say for now. I look forward to working with many people to help them as well as myself improve mapping/modding skills ;)

Status: M4M is OPEN (1).. Timing/BPM requests are Unlimited.
Hi Keo ouo/ Good luck with your queue ;3

I would like to ask for your help with the timing, I have a song that's in the cemetery because no one could tell me the correct timing.

I hope you can help, I would like to map as much because is song is one of my favorite.

Thanks >u<
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Moved post to that map's topic.
Hi, inexperienced modder but experienced player here,
I'd like to do M4M on SmileR - Melody Link map. I'll link the mod and my map I want to get modded on this post when I have finished your mod. It should be finished tomorrow or even later today if I'll get busy.

Also, something about pigs.

EDIT 16.4: Okay it seems I got busy, here's the mod: p/3010742#p3010742
and here's my map:

If you got any questions regarding the mod feel free to send me a PM or ask ingame.
Hey! I'm looking for an M4M. I'm starting mod on Melody Line at the moment! Could you take a loook at the timing and the notes of ?
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Lgndzr + Don: I'm currently modding your maps now, please wait for some days!

And Don, remember to follow my rule #7 please ;)
well :) here you go

My mod
My map

ahh... than something about pigs and/or cats...

i don't know what it's mean ._. writing "pigs or cats"? or share a "pigs or cats" picture? ._. i don't have any idea so i will ignore your 7 rule for now


lol... just today my neighbor cats show me his scratching skill.... :3 and i got some "souvenir" from him :3
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azintairin710 wrote:

well :) here you go

My mod
My map

ahh... than something about pigs and/or cats...

i don't know what it's mean ._. writing "pigs or cats"? or share a "pigs or cats" picture? ._. i don't have any idea so i will ignore your 7 rule for now
Accepted, currently modding your map, will take 1-2 days ;)
About the pig rule, just write something related, like "pigs are cute" or "cats are awesome" , that'd be okay :D

Hi! Can you check the timing on this map?


Also, my neighbor has around 11 cats.
Hi, Can you check my offset?
Hello! :) Here for a M4M:
My mod: p/3052255
My map:
Your map is pretty nice! I enjoyed modding it.
Piggeh was here.
mm i'll probably m4m.

edit: done mod- p/3053382#p3053382

my map:
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Requests all done. Queue open for 1 M4M. Please read the rules!
Hi! can i request another timing check again? >.< this one is submitted the offset is kinda off a bit. and i'm sorry for requesting a lot :'3

Thank you!
Can I request timing check?
My mod: My longest mod ever, i hope this level of depth is acceptable (Time spent writing it about 2.5h)
My map:

Would appreciate if you could say sth about the Normal / Hard / Insane and maybe even about the Lunatic :3
Oh snap i just read that it may be kinda bombing the SP rule you have there, but meh i'll try~!
/me hopes for an exception cuz he read it after writing the complete mod :|
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