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qlum wrote:

doesn't osu! have enough game-modes already?
Sure but more good ones wouldnt hurt
With some ideas on the table, this is what I've thought of the mode so far.

"Beat Fighter" would be a mode in which Pippy (or other characters) would need your help to beat up their opponents. The enemies would probably be something like starting with a couple baddies, then a group of them, and eventually leading up to the boss. In terms of gameplay, since it would be a "dancer" type, it would probably function similar to DDR/StepMania/tons-of-differently-named-games-that-do-the-same-thing. We'd have our own custom arrows, and how you place the beats in editor may or may not decide whether the arrow is up, down, left, or right. IMO it'd work best if default circles were right, whistles up, finishes down, and claps left. On the screen or in the background or w/e, whenever you'd hit a default circle arror (right), Pippy would punch. Left is a backhand, up for uppercut, and down for a trip. Something like that.

So, that's what I've thought of so far.

Oh, and also, the keys used for the dancer would be changeable, but default would most likely be arrow keys.
I'm guessing using two hitsounds at once would require a multi key press? (up-down, down-left, etc)

Sounds interesting. I think it'd also be cool if the player started with set HP ( dependent on Length of map and HP drain), and misses made the enemy attack break through the player's defenses losing some health. Like fighting games it can't be recovered (or can only be recovered by button mashing in breaks?). I dunno, I doubt it's plausible though, but it would be cool.

Also, in terms of arrow placement, why not make it dependent on the region of the screen the beat is on?

Like CtB only x and y axis instead of x axis oriented
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
In that case, the beat placement on the grid would be the best choice. Just divide the grid into 9 sections where beat placement would decide what arrows are used. Of course, talking about such a thing is much easier than implementing it. =o

In terms of actual gameplay, it should be straightforward for the most part. Beats are single arrows, or depending on the placement, a combination of two arrows. Sliders would be "hold" arrows where you press the button and don't let go until the arrow ends, and spinners... well, I vote alternating the arrows in a "clockwise" pattern (Up>Right>Down>Left). Something like that.

Anyone else have thoughts as to what to do with spinners?
When I read about this mode, I think about Rhythm Heaven. If you have played it, you know exactly what I am thinking about. For those who don't know what I am talking about, check this out.

We could have that type of animation, it'd be pretty cool.

But this "Beat Fighter" mode is an awesome idea.

Hitoshirenu Shourai wrote:

Anyone else have thoughts as to what to do with spinners?
Hmm...press random buttons to dodge incoming enemy attacks?

Spinners would have to have a limit of maximum points and movement that required speed.
Support u.u

Hitoshirenu Shourai wrote:

Atmey wrote:

This would be appropriate for a dancer type of dance, instead of dancing he beats opponents.
How is Pippy's dance progress?
Wow, I honestly didn't think of that. Now that it has been mentioned, I agree. XD
I guess I wasn't very clear.
I meant that you would play osu! in a normal way. and there is a dancer in the background, like OTO and EBA. And assuming there will be many kinds of dancers (EBA agents, ouendan team, ouendan female team, blue school ouendan etc) one of them would be the fighter.
Yeah, this is totally not a waste of time to make, and we don't have nearly enough rhythm games packed into one rhythm game yet -- nor are there enough stand-along DDR clones to do something like this in.

No support.
All I'm thinking of is Michael Jackson's Moonwalker for Sega Genesis. With rhythm based gameplay. And less MIDI-ish songs.
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