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How did you Find out about Osu!~?

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i was looking for a game for asians
This might be weird but a few years ago I was totally in love with The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and after random search that was based on it (on Youtube), I came across the beatmap and was like "aww dude this looks cool".
Next thing I know was that I hit that download button and started playing this awesome game.
I was in the mood for Taiko back then around 2012 april, with some help from Google i stumbled on a pc version of the game, played Taiko mode on Osu and didn't like it, prefeedr much more on the standard mode

Fast forward and now i'm here grinding my skills clicking on dem circles.
I discovered osu thanks to a group of yaoi fangirls
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^what those people actually exist in Australia?
once you have found one they appear every where
A friend told me about osu! And here I am today.

imaginarywriter wrote:

A friend told me about osu! And here I am today.

_sparky_ wrote:

imaginarywriter wrote:

A friend told me about osu! And here I am today.
There's no way back now.
Because Initial D music.
I was a new Vocaloid fan at the time, and I'd found a few gameplay videos.
About 11 months later (more or less), I came to the site, slapped the download button and started playing.
And, here I am.
Basically two germany Letsplayer brought me here ( and (both inactive :s)) since they were streaming it from time to time.
Thats pretty much it
2 years ago, a friend told me about the game, and I saw some videos. I thought that the game was really cool, and started playing. And I went back to play, with this new account.
i first heard about it while playing latale years ago, i asked about it and it didn't really interest me since i had no interest in rhythm games back then.

then when i started playing was when my friend told me to play osu, i decided to give it a try. Got addicted instantly ;w;
Airgearxtream told me to download the game because he said it have anime openings. He taught me first CtB. Then I saw people talking about osu!standard in #osu, so I played standard too.

(he was raging when i don't follow him)
A Minecraft Youtuber made an osu! video and I thought it was cool.
Mike Azuki
A League of Legends player was playing it (BoxBox)
Saw it on YouTube, I was basically jumping around and clicking at random videos and I stumbled across an osu! video. It was a replay from some top-tier player, don't remember who, but I remember thinking, "Woah, this game looks like it'd be addicting, I'm going to try it out."

I was right.
From anime page, Light was playing osu! xD
i love rhythm games, and i searched "best rhythm games for pc" on youtube and Osu! was number 1 on some guys top 5 list. Lol i didnt know then that i would become a hardcore player of this back then. XD
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