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Every map has its own BPM, i think its good when there's an option that can set the speed in a specific bpm of a song.

for example

in a map that has a BPM of 157, the speed is automatically 16 in every song that we play
also for a map that has a BPM of 250, the speed is automatically 10 in every song that we play

it may look like something like this

-sorry for the unprofessional work :P
Good idea :)
Interesting. I like it. =w=)b
You forgot about songs with changing BPM
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about that, it will be based on the idk what you will call this,

That would be the tempo that the map spends the most time at. I guess you could say it's the average. IIDX sims have stuff like what you are requesting. Although, being able to change scroll during the map would be better, no idea why that was even taken away.
The old method for those kind of things was to adjust the bpm change to the scroll speed in real time but in osu this is frowed up on or looked as cheating or getting by stuff for some reason.
The more modern one is a floating highspeed which gets you a number and that is the thing the notes take until you hit it. Every note on every sort of bpm will fall the same speed and you dont really need to check your hispeed setting anymore for the majority of songs, it is more accurate too.
The other thing is that for bpm change heavy songs you use a lane cover to readjust the floating highspeed to get back to you your scroll speed similar to moving up high speeds during the game, but its just more accurate.

Right now you are pretty much just stuck on playing a song on a fixed high speed and sort of find a middle thing to get through.
For reference you can look up videos on youtube for D from IIDX sirius or really any other bpm change heavy thing.
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actually this is function can only be accessed on options at the menu. when in-game, you can still adjust the speed. but instead of remembering in every map, osu will remember that speed on that specific bpm.

the mania speed wont go up/down when there is a speed change, instead it will just gonna follow the average speed / the speed that you have set while you are playing.

it is just like the normal f4 and f3(which is changing the speed) but instead of pressing buttons to change the speed, the user will just go to option and set the speed of that specific bpm.
Yeah osu mania remembers what speed you put for each song. Its a bit hard to describe since you can set your scrolling speed easily for the majority of the songs but lets say, songs with very low bpms 60 or with very high ones 250 and higher this scrolling speed gets very innaccurate. Also on songs with alot of tempo changes like some compilations megamixes etc you just have to play on one setting. If it is really wide like some songs going at 120 and some others at 175 bpm and maybe the ending has a song with 220 bpm.. you cant really adjust while playing. You are just forced to play the map on some tempo that will make alot of things unnatural to you since you need to get a middle thing to get by the whole thing. Most parts will either be too slow or too fast.

Automatic and constant mode with steady scroll speed are like an easy thing to make you get by stuff and scores are not counted usually if you do something like that. Song with tempo changes are just having that thing as difficulty to themselves since you have to figure out how to play them most of the time and adjust it really fast during the song.

Both ways are kind of wrong right now, one mode that eliminates everything of those and makes notes come at the same speed regardless of tempo, and how it is right now, high speed adjustmenst go a bit rough and jumps alot on either very low/high bpms and songs with alot of changes cant be adjusted while playing..
I think choosing the correct speed for each map is one of the skills needed in osu!mania

But, having something that prints a "virtual bpm value" would be a good idea. For example, in ITG with the GrooveNights theme, if you have a song with 150bpm and you put the scrolling speed at 2.75x, it prints ("Scroll = 412"), which indicates you that you are going to see it scrolling as if it were a 412bpm song at the default scrolling speed
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