Poll 21: Do you use a skin?

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What skin do you play osu! with?

The default skin, as-is
The default skin, with a few minor tweaks
A skin downloaded from the website or updater
A heavily customized, combined, or original skin
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A friend customized an HD skin then shared with me. Not uploaded on web.
I mostly play with the default skin, because i think i can only play with it. xD
Skins are nice for variety for me. ^^
just use The default skin, as-is :)
I use three different skins:

1. A custom made one that I created from scratch. It was designed and optimised for AR10.33 and higher.

2. Narrill's older skin for HR with some added customization.

3. A "competitive skin" that is just a mixture of several other players skins like Dsan's, Azer's, Xilver's, Kaoru's, etc.

The only time i use the default skin is when i am modding or editing a beatmap xD
I use default skin, since I already comfortable with it and I like the design already.
I tend to play much worse when I use a custom skin, so I rather avoid it all together.
I use heavily modified skin because i failed to find a skin that i actually like.
The default skin hurts my eyes when playing Taiko ;_;
Sometimes custom skins and skins from the site make it more difficult to play by having a cursor which tends to blend in with backgrounds, and having hit scores (50, 100, 300, etc.) which are so big that they interfere with visibility, not to mention that some of them are kinda flashy. The default doesn't cause any problems for me so I just stick with that.
I use my own skin, Spectrum 2. Check my sig, it's sik nasty
i use a heavily modified skin of Dakkychan (RIP) link
I mostly use default for osu!, CtB, and taiko. but i use a modified o2jam skin made by ecafree2 for mania, since the column size and colour isn't good (idk how to change it).
The question is: Is the main purpose of a skin to make the game look better - or to make it simple? 8-)
Jean barrios
i usually like to mix skins that i downloaded, because i like some textures from that skin, and it's the same with other skin, either way, i end up mixing things anyway lol.
Default skin with follow points from ShigeHDHR and transparent slider end
Custom skins make my PC lag,that's why I use the default skin.
Costum, it can be made for more "Minimalist"


_DUSK_ wrote:

The default skin hurts my eyes when playing Taiko ;_;
Currently using a combination of Harmony and WilchQ's skin
Custom Transparent skin user here :)

Anyway, my only issue with a skin is its hitsound and transparency for smooth play. Like, I get comfortable hitting those circles with a nc hitsound and get comfortable reading the map with transoarent sliders. Somethin like those.
I use skins that don't take to much focus like Luminous (v2) (link, https://osuskins.info/skin?s=2474). IT doesn't have any numbers in the circles and that does have pro's and con's. The pro's is as i said before it doesn't take much focus and that when ever you get a miss, 50, 100 or a 300 it isn't distracting and in your face but the con's are that I really like jump maps but sometimes I become confused with the order of the circles. If i would change the default skin I would make the colors less vivid and the miss's, 50's, 100's and 300's less distracting.
imo rrtyui's skin is the best
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