To transform 4k to single-hand 7k

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DO NOT do this unless you are really boring.
I think 4k mapper will kill me

1. go into edit mode

2.choose 4K map you want to destroylike the editor, click [song setup] -> [Difficulty]

see the Column? change it to 6 (you can't change to 7 immediately just because it won't be successful(explanation is at later see the upper right corner,
1/8 is better.

edit -> Select All (or "Ctrl"+"A")
move all with Ctrl pressing
just move them left 1 grid

6.change column to 7K,
edit -> Select All (or "Ctrl"+"A")
move all with Ctrl pressing
move them right 3 grids


if you are Left-handed person, just use
to move left 3 grids.

if we change to 7k immediately , it will be like this

we can just put them like this
if move more , it will be wrong.

Who even maps 4K using 7 columns ?
a bit odd, but definitely unique.
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