Creepy Nuts - Bling-Bang-Bang-Born

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on четверг, 16 мая 2024 г. at 16:53:52

Artist: Creepy Nuts
Title: Bling-Bang-Bang-Born
Source: マッシュル-MASHLE- 神覚者候補選抜試験編
Tags: fuju Mashle: Kami Satoru-sha Kouho Senbatsu Shiken-hen anime japanese rap hiphop MAGIC AND MUSCLES The Divine Visionary Candidate Exam Arc jersey club Hip Hop second season 2nd DJ松永 DJ Matsunaga R-Shitei R-指定 pop jpop
BPM: 157
Filesize: 30105kb
Play Time: 02:46
Difficulties Available:
  1. another (4,74 stars, 718 notes)
  2. ay (5,5 stars, 807 notes)
  3. fuju's extra (5,4 stars, 798 notes)
  4. hard (3,5 stars, 525 notes)
  5. insane (4,18 stars, 631 notes)
  6. normal (2,36 stars, 376 notes)
Download: Creepy Nuts - Bling-Bang-Bang-Born
Download: Creepy Nuts - Bling-Bang-Bang-Born (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
video is sensory overload
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