4* jumps - should I click alternately?

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Hello everyone! I recently started playing 4*+ maps more and more, and as such I've more frequently encountered jumps of higher difficulty than what I was used to (although still objectively easy jumps), and I've been dealing with them by clicking x and z alternately, even though I feel I can coordinate myself better if I could do them by using only one key. Do you think I'm building a bad habit by using alternate clicks or it's fine to do so? if not, is it atleast fine to do while I wait to improve to do them 1-key? thanks everyone!
Whether you singletap (use 1 key) or alternate jumps (alternate between 2 keys) is preference, it's fine to do either

If you don't really have a strong preference then maybe alternating is better, because it's something you'll need to learn how to do at some point so you might as well start now

Most people do prefer singletapping though because as you said they can coordinate themselves better
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